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    Gift Ideas

    Thanks lads.. I've gone and got her a Zeus book.. I totally forgot about that!! I used to work in an engineering place a few years ago but not in the workshop and it totally slipped my mind. I think her next present will be a new computer as her current one is stoneage and she needs a decent...
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    Gift Ideas

    My Mrs is an apprentice mechanical engineer, currently occupied as a draughtsperson, she'll be starting college in the new year and well tbh i haven't the foggiest what to get her. Are there any other engineers out there who would recommend any books or things like that that would compliment...
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    Any snow were you live?

    I was in kemnay, but parents and friends in ellon & Aberdeen were reporting it too
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    Any snow were you live?

    We've just had thunder and lightning up in Aberdeenshire.. While it was snowing! The snow really reflected the light and it was the brightest flash that I've seen, more intense than a camera flash!
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    Any snow were you live?

    yup = I'm wanting winter tyres.. but at £450 + Christmas it ain't gonna happen! :(
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    Any snow were you live?

    you having a laugh? :| We've had about 6inches since about 4pm!
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    Asda bargain!

    4Litre Bottle of Castrol 5W-30 fully synthetic oil £24 from asda! Normally around £45-50 from online shops like Opie (no disrespect OilMan!) an etc
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    Techniques for calm driving?

    The calm music and the low volume does the trick for me. Try concentrate on lot letting your MPG go too low aswell, that'll cause you to not accellerate too hard :) Also for those who get tailgaters - make sure you double your distance to the car infront of YOU, if they brake and you brake as...
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    Audi Free MOT

    Since there is no general Audi forum i'll stick this here : The free MOT, has anyone done this? I registered my car for it last night and got the chit to show when going in for it. Is it really free? No costs at all? Are they more likely to find a fault for the sake of finding a...
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    How many..........

    No sugar in tea, when i have tea ! I have like 3 mugs a month.. As for coffee, i have 2 heaped teaspoons, or 3 sachets.. i have about 6 mugs a day!
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    Getting to know you - What do you do???

    Offshore Logisitics and Support , Aberdeen/Peterhead.