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  1. Biggied

    1.8T 180 AJQ budget turbo upgrade?

    No, pre facelift AJQ 180 is Defo just a K03. Think when I checked the airflow it was pulling somewhere between 170-175 so I thought roughly 215hp. Ewan.
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    1.8T 180 AJQ budget turbo upgrade?

    Hello all, I’m looking for some advice/opinions on the best way to extract some more power from my 8l A3 1.8T quattro. Before people jump in and say “buy an S3 instead” or “fit a K04 conversion” I don’t really want to go down this route as I like having the A3 under dog rather than the S3, My...
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    K04 engine temp sensor blank plate/plug

    Just to clear this up a bit as there seems a bit of confusion, I had a quick look at this car for an exhaust leak and found the EGT sensor hole empty, Knowing that not all 1.8T engines have EGT sensors combined with not seeing anything obviously exhaust sensor looking hanging about the bay and...
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    Intercooler below crash bar

    The most important function of the crash bar is to provide a crumple zone to protect the chassis legs, as already said when a large aluminium cooler is installed trimming of the bar really isn't an issue although any major cutting of this crash bar may reduce its ability to protect your chassis...
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    Back in an 8l quattro just in time for winter.. ReIntro..

    Guilty as charged mate, how you finding life in an S3 now? Ewan.
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    forge neotech dump valve

    Forge Motorsport | Alloy Fabrication From what I can see "neotech" is a type a replacment diaphram that forge sell rather than a type of valve. Ewan.
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    Fault code 00290 ABS Light on

    The fact that the fault pings straight back would suggest sensor or wiring rather than anything mechanical with the pick up ring or air gap, mechanical faults like that on the old A3 abs system will only reapear when the car has been driven after codes cleared. Also if Ross Tek Wiki and AutoData...
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    Been having a look at these in the group buy but thought I'd be better posting here with ref to fitting these on the top or bottom. With the reason behind fitting these adjustable arms being to correct the negative camber caused by lowering I'd of thought replacing the top arm with the...
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    Back in an 8l quattro just in time for winter.. ReIntro..

    Hi Rossco, I think I might of seen your car about, good to see another local member. If you need sombody local to look after your car I've just recently finished 10 years employment as a Technician at Audi but I'm now working at Kevin Pirie and Son on East Dock Street, if you ever need anything...
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    210 bhp S3 vs. EP3 civic type R??

    As it happens I owned both the afore mentioned cars back to back. Both had basic induction mods only & I did the 1/4 time in both aswell. My best in the S3 was a 14.5 1/4 mile, see vid bellow. Audi S3 @ Crail - YouTube Best I managed in the Civic was 14.8, see vid bellow (excusing the...
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    Back in an 8l quattro just in time for winter.. ReIntro..

    I've yet to have a proper look but i know theres no silencer although I think you get the Ko3s without them, and I'm pretty sure all pre facelift/pre 2001 A3 1.8t quattro have Ko3 that's why I havn't really looked. Ewan.
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    Back in an 8l quattro just in time for winter.. ReIntro..

    Hi All, Ewan from Dundee, I used to be on here a bit a few years back when I had my Imola Yellow 8l S3 which I Sold as I needed house funds, I've had a couple of RWD Mazda sports cars, an A4 2.8 V6 Quattro since but always wanted another 8l, I wasn't happy with the examples of S3s within...
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    42 draft designs Velocity stack intake.

    42 Draft Designs Just found this Induction kit, anyone have experience or thoughts on it? looks pretty good to me, with the whacking big velocity stack on the MAF combined with the Badger 5 TIP & a nice cold feed I think that would be about as good K04 induction gets. Although there won't be...
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    Anybody driven a3 3.2 V6?

    That would be a wide angle 3.2 V6 in an A4 or A6 with a differant chassis also, A3 uses VR6 narrow angle engine and a differant chassis so handling has othing in common. Ewan.
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    Anybody driven a3 3.2 V6?

    DSG 3.2 A3 is a nice car when you get used to the box & its quirky ways, down side is faulty mechatronics unit in the box & stretched timing chains on the engine are becoming far to common these days, both quite expensive jobs that as an owner you can do nothing to prevent & will defo need a...
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    Star Performance Remap

    Yea I think there remap is aprox £300. Did you get a print out of power graph etc from when it was on the rollers? Jim @ Star has had a great rep for years, I asked on here a while back if anyone had one of his maps & how did they compare to others out there but never really got a response. I'm...
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    Found a boost leak, check your S3 now!

    Are you sure about this Tuffty? While not 100% structural I always thought that pipe sevred as a chassis brace linking the two front chassis legs together, I think the way it mounts to the legs looks a little more than to just support its weight & also 180hp TTs have them fitted but without...
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    Bonnet vent idea, Keeping it in the family, What do you think?

    LOL, when I seen that heading I was half expecting to see one of these...... Was the only Audi I could think of that had a vented bonnet, I've seen them grafted onto a wide arched MK2 Golf before but not sure the Sport quattro style would suit an A3 :) Ewan.
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    Should I sell my S3 8L? If yes, what should I get?

    How about a 3.2 V6 8P A3 with enough left in the budget for a filter, exhaust & wheels, mabey even a few tasty retrofits (RNS E, Bluetooth, LED DRL etc etc) My choice would be the manual 3dr but theres also DSG gearbox & Sportback 4dr. You'll pretty much be getting a Mk5 R32 golf without the...
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    coil pack replacement scheme

    first of all, you might get them replaced, its not a given, they have to check the part numbers & if they are found to be the "known to fail" number then they will be replaced. Also don't worry about your remap, the diag machine won't wipe your map as its only the newer generation (MY 08 up)...