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    Upgraded actuator for K04-064?

    Hello everybody, I need an upgraded actuator for the K04-064 turbo to hold 22psi to redline. With stock one it manages to peak 22psi but then it holds only 17psi to redline. What are you guys using?
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    S3 8V turbo on S3 8P?

    Actually situation is a little different. I am driving an 1.8T car with adapter for the head to fit the K04-064 from S3 8P and that is why I am asking if the flange to the head is the same. My engine is forged and fully built so power is not a problem and I was thinking that I could fit turbo...
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    S3 8V turbo on S3 8P?

    Because you could go for TTE470 if it is a straight fit.
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    S3 8V turbo on S3 8P?

    Is the flange to the head the same of the new TSI engines as the old TFSI?
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    Color code help?

    I am planning repainting my car and I saw great silver color, a little more darker and metallic than the standart silver. Can anyone help on the color code?