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  1. j4jon

    MOT - HiD law :(

    This should help MOT changes from 2012 | AA And it contains a lot more than just lights
  2. j4jon

    TT pedal upgrade

    You remove the original pedal covers then the TT ones push over the actual pedals. They are a bit tight and can be made easier by soaking in hot water for 5 minutes before you start. You can buy them from a dealer for about £35
  3. j4jon

    Audi S3 Dash lights issue

    I can't check the coding on my dash pod at the moment as I don't have VAGCOM installed. A search on the net revealed the following: Select 17 (Instrument Cluster)Adaptation -> Function 10 -> Channel 19 (Misc) xxxx?: Remote Clock 0 - Remote Clock not active 1 - Remote Clock active xxx?x...
  4. j4jon

    Parrot Bluetooth Kit

    As animal said if you car is an earlier type that doesn't use CAN bus then you will have the switched power in the ISO plug, if you car uses CAN bus then you don''t have the switched power at the head unit and the parrot won't switch on. When I installed my kit I used a scotch lock connector and...
  5. j4jon

    Audi S3 Dash lights issue

    It's all in the coding on the dashpod. The S3 by default has the needles and dials illuminated all the time. The pod can be reprogrammed so that neither are on all the time and only come on when you turn the lights on, or as I currently have it programmed where the needles are on all the time...
  6. j4jon

    Torque setting for S3 flywheel+clutch HELP

    The Haynes manual for the A3 (for 1.6, 1.8 and 1.8T) says: Flywheel/driveplate mounting bolts Stage 1 60NM Stage 2 Angle tighten a further 90 degrees I'd guess the figures would be the same for the S3?
  7. j4jon

    Anyone wanting to sell their S3 ?

    Not all S3's have leather and heated seats. Leather is fairly common but heated seats where an optional extra.
  8. j4jon

    Will these fit???

    Yes they will fit and should look good. Depending on what brakes you have and the style of the wheels you may need spacers.
  9. j4jon

    How many miles has your S3 done

    So Jester has managed upwards of 180k without major incident, yet GTQ has destroyed two engines in 150k. I guess it's the luck of the draw.
  10. j4jon

    S3 headgasket

    Hi Ben I don't believe you have managed to destroy another engine. How many miles did you manage on the last one? Where did you take it in the end? We will definitely have to meet up after you have had it repaired.
  11. j4jon

    A3 1.8t quattro best performance parts

    A cheap brake upgrade is to fit the brakes off an S3/TT as they are 312mm compared to 288mm for the A3, then get some decent pads. The only parts that are needed are the calliper carriers and then the bigger disks. Makes quite an improvement.
  12. j4jon

    Ambient Interior Lighting ?

    It's not often you get to post that!
  13. j4jon

    Wheel refurbishment

    Another vote for BJV. I just got a set of Avus wheels done for £140 although I had the tyres taken off before I gave them the wheels. They have done a fantastic job I had them done back to original colour. Because they powder coat the wheels instead of painting they should be more resilient...
  14. j4jon

    BT S3 cutting out randomly

    The hoses from the FMIC to the engine won't collapse under load as they will be pressurised by the turbo, the only pipe that may collapse would be the intake pipe. I'm guessing this pipe is not standard though as it has the BT.
  15. j4jon

    What next after the S3?

    Still undecided on what I might get next, possibly S4 Avant I like the look of the new one but they still massively expensive as they have only just come out, or possibly an old RS4. The other car I quite fancy at the moment is a DB7 but that would have to be a second car, so that and a MKII Gti.
  16. j4jon

    R.I.P to my S3 1999 - 2009

    Ouch! Glad your OK just shows the strength of the A/S3
  17. j4jon

    My minor modding thread

    So if you don't mind me asking roughly how much has it cost you? I know that you where looking at 2-3k at the start I was just wondering if you managed to stick to that or went over? Can't wait to see the final figures.
  18. j4jon

    Bizarrely accurate temp gauge reading

    If you are going to try and change the thermostat yourself be careful with the dipstick tube as they can break very easy. I knew they where easily broken but still managed to break mine when I took it apart. Still they are only 3 quid or so from the dealer.