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  1. Buck

    How long does your pride take in the tub??

    3 bucket system here. Spray around with citrus pre-wash then snow foam. Wheels first whilst the snow foam works then a rinse before washing the car. Takes about two hours. If I'm in a rush then often I'll just do snowfoam, wheels and windows and leave the bodywork. Don't want to risk...
  2. Buck

    Ceramic Coating Detailing

    Crystal Serum is accredited detailed application only as you say (which then gives you the gtechniq quarentee). The difference to light is not so much in the application but the actual cured state. Black cures to a much harder finish which if incorrectly applied can only be sanded off whereas...
  3. Buck

    Scratch + Swirl removal

    I'm like you - notice any swirls going - even if they're not on my car!! I think £500 is the going rate for a correction detail these days but you could always speak to your detailer guy to see if he would perhaps have a look at the car for you and see if he can help re pad/polish combo and...
  4. Buck

    Glacier White Protection Advice

    Where are you based? If you're near Yorkshire, you could use my garage. Alternatively, you could see if anyone local to you (on here) has a garage to loan?
  5. Buck

    Glacier White Protection Advice

    Ah got it now!! I applied Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light to Mrs Buck's Polo at the weekend. Really easy and the finish is slick and shiny but you do need to keep the car indoors for a minimum of 12 hours. Have you got a mate with a garage? Put some Sonax BSD on for now whilst you decide...
  6. Buck

    Scratch + Swirl removal

    The 105 on your DA isn't giving you enough cut or you are correcting the swirls but introducing others. The 105 is a heavy polish so can sort the swirls even on Audi paint which can be really tough to correct but your pad will also make a big difference so you might need one that is a heavier...
  7. Buck

    Glacier White Protection Advice

    The Blackfire is greata on dark colours - used it on my old cars. You mention sealant over wax. No. Sealant needs to be on clean/bare paint. If you have a sealant you don't need a wax either (unless you just like to wax your car?) and your car will stay cleaner longer without! White cars work...
  8. Buck

    Dealing with bird poo

    As DrEskimo says, soak a cloth and leave on the birdpoo then rinse and redo. If they're bad I will often spray the birdpoo first then apply a wet cloth before hosing/rinsing off.
  9. Buck

    Paint protection film (NW England)

    @dbm that looks superb. What happens when you get a stone hit the film, say on the bunper or bonnet? Does it get a mark in it similar to a stone chip in paint or is it more of a graze that can be polished out?
  10. Buck

    GTechniq CSL anyone?

    Good choice. This is what I'm looking at for my new car. I've had gtechniq on my old car and it is very good. I'd recommend Their G1 glass protector. 6 years on and my side windows still clear really easily making visibility much better.
  11. Buck

    Who recommended Citrus pre-wash?

    I love CPW especially in summer as it helps lift those bugsplats. I've tried it with a snow foam lance and if anything it makes the snow foam less effective. Pressure spray and leave whilst your filling your buckets and then spray off. The smell is also great!
  12. Buck

    Ally inserts and the "mirror black door inserts.

    Seems to be a comon problem with these - my roof rails are tarnished and I've tried lots of different products but to no avail. My final thought is to machine polish them (by hand so far) to see if I can make some impact but one guy said it might be the lacquer' that has failed?!
  13. Buck


    Nice Work! that's the first one series I've seen in white and it does look nice! I bet they're a 8ugger to keep clean though! (worse than black)
  14. Buck

    My First Detail - Audi A4 Avant

    Thanks for all the feedback guys!! It was this site that got me interested in detailing which was a totally new thing to me and then led me to DW and some really inspirational stuff on there! I really enjoyed getting it to this level - sort of got me liking my car again as opposed to it being...
  15. Buck

    My First Detail - Audi A4 Avant

    I posted this detail a while back on Detailing World and forgot to post on here so better late than never!:notme: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my first 'detail' of my Audi - there isn't any paint correction as I have yet to buy a DA polisher I have had my '03 Audi A4 Avant since new...
  16. Buck

    Bank Hol deal at Halfrauds

    Also if you want to use the 3 for 2 then go for: - - Lambswool Wash mitt for the body - Microfibre mitt for the sills / arches / wheels - Gold Class shampoo
  17. Buck

    Bank Hol deal at Halfrauds

    I use the Jeffs Acrylic sealant on mine and it's the Mutts Nutts!! Agree with chris re scratch removal - you can remove it by hand but it'll be an absolute ball ache to do.
  18. Buck

    clay or not to clay

    Any update on operation "Clean my S3" ;)
  19. Buck

    Exhaust cleaner????

    Depends on your exhaust but some guys resort to a drill attachment (Like a wire brush or sandpaper type) to get the crud off ! I struggled with my exhausts but as its a diesel the pipes are hidden so didn't push too hard! On the other hand my good lady has a Honda Civic and they came up a...
  20. Buck

    polishing machine

    I agree you can spend as much on getting the gear and having no idea !! For me I guess its a thing of paying someone to do something I'd love to be able to do for myself and get that personal satisfaction of looking at it and saying "I did that" From a practice point of view you could always...