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    Ramair vs K&N filter ?

    No difference other than noisier intake and less filtration.
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    Speed camera poi

    These people have and only costs £20 a year to subscribe.......
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    How often do your tyre sensors go off?

    Why would a "dodgy" caliper cause a tyre to lose pressure? I would check the tyre and the valve.
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    Audi A3 2014 - Android Auto?

    My mistake, I have Android 10 on my smartphone and Android Auto installed but there is no app icon but I have just spotted there is a version on Google Play that will run on the phone,
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    Audi A3 2014 - Android Auto?

    With Android 10 you can no longer launch Android Auto like an app. Android Auto is built into Android 10 and only launches when a compatible head unit is detected. There is no longer an app icon.
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    Facelift Stolen S3 Leeds area today

    Depends on the type of GAP insurance.
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    AGM Battery charging

    Positive first not negative.
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    Motor Legal Protection Insurance

    Two options, one is free the other is £15 for 5 people........ I went with RAC and cover 5 people for £3 each!
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    Attempted break in for my car

    Its not the car, in 2019 456 A3/S3 cars were stolen in the uk making it the 10th most stolen car. If you buy a Ford Fiesta there were 2384 stolen in 2019 making it the most stolen car. Manchester is 4th in the car crime league.
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    LED Bulbs causing DAB Radio Interference

    It doesn't matter what you think about uk insurance, it's illegal to fit LEDs in place of halogen bulbs and you should declare all mods to your insurance or you are not insured! Incoherently ranting your wrong opinion doesn't make it right!
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    S3 vandalism

    Isn't it a bit chilly to spray outside?
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    LED Bulbs causing DAB Radio Interference

    Only a fool wouldn't tell their insurance company about mods. BTW LED headlights to replace halogens are illegal if the OP is involved in a serious accident his insurance will be invalid and he will be hammered by the courts in fact insurance will be invalid for any type of insurance claim. I...
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    S3 vandalism

    This is a very sad fact of life in our society these days with various disenfranchised individuals looking upon anyone who has made a perceived success of their life with jealousy. People that do this kind of vandalism should be looked upon with pity as clearly they are not happy with their...
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    Res Delete and Insurance

    I did an online quote with Aviva, all they wanted to know is what the modification was and I selected "exhaust modification". No more questions asked.
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    Tinted plates

    There are no rules regarding the size of the number plate. The rules only cover the spacing between the letters and the edge of the plate.
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    Facelift Winter tires - Time to take responsibility?

    Waste of time, money and effort in the south of the UK, we only get 3 months of the year where winter tyres would have any benefit and even then it would be intermittent.
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    Tax penalty notice advice?

    If you were driving to a pre booked MOT test centre then there is no issue with the car on SORN.
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    Going to buy a 2016 S3...need pointers.

    I doubt Audi will do any service work that is not due so at 30k miles will be lucky to get any of the aforementioned items done for free.
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    Equity invite from Audi

    I think the dealers calculator was broken!
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    Equity invite from Audi

    Hopefully not on PCP though after getting stung for £17k.