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    S8-X (box)

    nice work!
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    Amp crossover settings

    good question!
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    How poor is the symphony II headunit?

    [ QUOTE ] MattT said: Thanks S3tony [/ QUOTE ]
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    ahhhh bass junkies been there bought my 1st sub amp package there long time ago.. was only really after the amp being decent but the sub they gave me turned out to be a free air sub.... which was put a box!!! which led to it blowing quite quickly.... cheers tony
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    yeah but i reckon it would look good! could get a carbon fibre look to keep the cost down!? cheers tony
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    how about re carpeting around the amps might hide some cables a bit more! cheers tony
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    have you mounted the amps on mdf? if you have then you could drill hole in it so all the wiring is underneath out of sight! good luck with it anyway.... cheers tony
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    Facia Adapter for Symphony

    typical the only site that have are more expensive anyway i saw this sight when lookin for my fp18-00 normally £10-15 they charge £25 then 10 more for delivery!!! any way found this one in dublin that sell it, bit cheaper at 39 euros dont no if they would deliver or if it would be worth it but...
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    [ QUOTE ] pimpmyaudi said: [ QUOTE ] Markb said: Hmm without sounding nasty. I've seen better. [/ QUOTE ] hmmm, without sounding nasty either, i've seen better S3's, but there's no point in making that comment, cos generally anything we see (anything, not just cars), we r always going to...
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    12v ign?!!!!????

    cheers andy im doing something similar at the moment just so i could get it working. i will do wat you suggest as its much more professional than my job! cheers tony
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    12v ign?!!!!????

    well finally got around to removing the standard hu! with my pc9-404 absolute cr,ap!!!! 1st thing i had to do was swap the yellow with the red wire, only wire in the right plce was the earth, but only thing is that i cant find a 12 volt ignition! seemed kinda strange to me so i wondering if im...
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    Upgraded stereo, but rubbish radio reception

    cheers for the link gilbo ive been lookin for one of theese for a while! and a pretty cheap site too. cheers tony