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  1. TTLAW

    VAG Admit Cheating Diesel Emmissions...

    I tried to PX mine this week for a Merc and the dealer couldn't get any interest from Audi contacts as they are becoming overwhelmed with stock. My car shouldn't be affected but the fallout from falling sales is making mine difficult to shift.
  2. TTLAW

    Grrrr! Cracked Windscreen on my S3

    I had a screen fitted recently by Autoglass. It is of shocking quality and I will be taking it back. The glass distorts what you see at certain angles. Will be insisting on oem!
  3. TTLAW

    Boot Lighting

    Mines an S Line without lighting pack and has LED lighting both sides of the boot.
  4. TTLAW

    Sat Nav Issue - Tech Pack

    How rude! No Brummie accent. If it had it would have kept the 'a' as a part of the local dialect 'ay it'! Steve
  5. TTLAW

    Sat Nav Issue - Tech Pack

    Hi Yesterday was really the first time I have used my Sat Nav on a long journey. I noticed that when the Nav was telling me to take exits at certain roundabouts it had dropped the 'A' from 'A' roads and just read the number. Anybody else had this? Steve
  6. TTLAW

    Leather on seats? S Line

    Thanks for that. What is it do we know? Is it a type of leather? Just wondering how to clean it? Steve
  7. TTLAW

    Leather on seats? S Line

    Hi, I have had my car over a month now and love it. I have noticed that the seats have differing leather on the face and wondered if everyone else has the same? The car has full leather upgrade on the S line spec. The leather on the face of the back rest is smooth on the centre where the S...
  8. TTLAW

    Black S Line Sportback with Privacy Glass, and 10 spoke silver alloys pic request

    Search Audi used. Lincoln Audi have a 184 Quattro for sale in black with 10 spokes. Steve
  9. TTLAW

    Test drove 2 options - order placed

    I have the S Line suspension and find it just fine. It can be a little hard at times but its worth it for the feeling of going round corners on rails. It is certainly no harder than the 8P S3 I had and it handles just as well but is far more compliant. The post above about people having it...
  10. TTLAW

    Audi S3 Sedan - Sepang blue

    Looks like they have a problem at the factory in Gyor Hungary. Seems limited to the A3 saloon model which are all built in Hungary? Steve
  11. TTLAW

    Sat Nav Update

    Thanks for this. Seems strange that it gives a PIN for something that is not fitted and Audi of course know that as they list the spec on your login. Steve
  12. TTLAW

    Sat Nav Update

    Thanks for the responses. Steve
  13. TTLAW

    Sat Nav Update

    Hi, I picked up my A3 Sportback on Wednesday and I am over the moon with it. Best Audi Ive had for a long time. One thing I would like to ask advise on is the online update (My Audi) for the Sat Nav. I have registered online and it doesn't show what the new version of the software is I can...
  14. TTLAW

    Gap insurance?

    I got a quote from ALA for £129 and the dealer matched it.
  15. TTLAW

    strange hissing noise?

    Fuel pump?
  16. TTLAW

    Who collects on 1st March 14?

    I have seen showroom cars with a trim bits pinched but it really doesnt matter as they would be replaced by the time you pick it up anyway. I didnt want to wait for a factory order so will be picking up a demonstrator on Wednesday with all the spec I wanted and more. I got just a fraction under...
  17. TTLAW

    PCP Finance Application

    Hi, I would sign up for the free month with credit expert to see what your score is before doing this. Each search will have an impact and multiple searches in a short period of time will have a big impact and lenders will see you as a bigger risk. I dont think Audi will search again as it...
  18. TTLAW

    PCP Finance Application

    Sign up for credit experts free month and have a look at your credit score. The Audi search for finance knocked my score down by 20 so no concern but a CC application might be more. I dont think they do a new search as it would be detrimental to your score. Each search has an impact on your...
  19. TTLAW

    2013 Audi S3

    I think this thread is getting a bit much. I have been on forums for years and have never known a single thread have so many topics within it. For the sake of making this board interesting for all A3 owners could people start separate threads for differing issues? Many are not specific to the...
  20. TTLAW

    Taking new S3 on a trip back home

    The last time I did the trip the route I did was Dover - Calais - Metz on day 1. Metz to Hohenschwangau on day 2 to visit the glorious Alps and castles, onto Ingolstadt in the afternoon of day 3, Factory tour on day 4 then onto Trier on day 5 and home day 6. Its a great road trip and have done...