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  1. S3_Pricey

    Show us your stance.

    Looking very nice the S4s!
  2. S3_Pricey

    Badger5 - With or without their induction kit?

    Agreed...went for the whole thing on mine, fitted it on monday, sounds schweet...:yum:
  3. S3_Pricey

    Show us your stance.

    its black...cheers though :) Loving all the pics people
  4. S3_Pricey

    Show us your stance.

    Havnt posted in a while, but these are the latest...
  5. S3_Pricey

    Extra long Wheel Bolts for 20mm spacers

    where did you order them from? They should supply the correct bolt with the least DPM did this when I ordered mine...:think:
  6. S3_Pricey

    Audi Recall ( all petrol engines)

    when I was booking my car in for a service last nite, asked about coil packs and they said they would change them for free...:) dropped it off this morning. cheers for the info guys...something tells me if I hadn't mentioned it they wouldn't have said anything, lol. :thumbsup:
  7. S3_Pricey

    Headunit Replacing

    Try posting this in the I.C.E section of the forum, you will prob get more help there
  8. S3_Pricey

    Pics request...B8s and H&R

    cool, no worries
  9. S3_Pricey

    Pics request...B8s and H&R

    Thanks, didnt know if they were needed with this set up, will add them to the list, lol EDIT: have you got any pics of your car with this set up?
  10. S3_Pricey

    Pics request...B8s and H&R

    Thanks Dane, that was the thread I was thinking of, good info there, was just looking for pics of this set up with oem rstts to see exactly how the wheels would sit in the arches, pretty specific request I know, lol
  11. S3_Pricey

    Pics request...B8s and H&R

    Nice. Just a quick question, are you getting adjustable tie bars to go with the spring and shocks? Considering getting them at the same time, but not decided yet.
  12. S3_Pricey

    Pics request...B8s and H&R

    JS1500 - Cheers for the reply. yeh I realise will take a while to settle properly, just wanting to know how the wheels will fill the arches with the spacers and suspension combo.
  13. S3_Pricey

    Pics request...B8s and H&R

    Hey guys, The time has come to start upgrading various bits on the S3. I will be getting some bilstein B8s with H&R springs as well as 10mm and 15mm spacers front and rear. I have been looking for pics of this set up with OEM RSTTs so I can see how the stance will look, but have...
  14. S3_Pricey

    Loads of Newbie questions - Be kind!

    Hey, just off the top of my head cant answer the first 2 questions. For 3, you generally get what you pay for with suspension, so might be worth looking at a fairly decent spring/shock combo instead of cheaper coilovers, as have heard the ride can be quite harsh. its up to you at the end of...
  15. S3_Pricey

    3" downpipe

    looks interesting...was just reading through the guys feedback comments on ebay and it seems some of them required slight modification to fit
  16. S3_Pricey

    3inch tip tests on dane's s3 from today

    WOW! impressive results...I was waiting for a the test on a stage 1 S3 before I made up my mind, think I will be ordering one of these TIPs to go with a remap sometime soon. Good work Bill, will be in touch when funds allow...:cool:
  17. S3_Pricey

    S3 or TDI dilemma??

    Def go for the S3, will cost slightly more to run but well worth it IMO... :s3addict:
  18. S3_Pricey

    Car Mats Group Buy

    fitted mine yesturday, went in fine, holes in the right place (thankfully!)... cheers Alex:thumbsup:
  19. S3_Pricey

    Any way of finding out if youi've got a K03S without looking at the turbo?

    The engine code should give you an indication, what engine code is it??
  20. S3_Pricey

    Car Mats Group Buy

    Just got mine about 10 mins ago...havnt tried them in the car yet, but really hope they fit!! The stitching isnt the best on one of the S3 logos but its not really that noticable. Cheers Alex for getting all these sent out, must have been a massive task...:cool: