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  1. Paulbean

    Learner Driver RS3 insurance.

    Personally, I would buy a proper manual and let her learn to drive one of those (the hard way :wink new:). Will give you more choice of vehicle in the future. Yes, I realise most, if not all, will be flappy paddle or cvt before long but there are still a fair few that are manual.
  2. Paulbean

    Saloon Google traffic info on MMI

    Hook your phone up and use Android Auto, you then get everything from Google Maps including traffic (and more)
  3. Paulbean

    8v RS3 Spotters Thread

    Spotted Kyalami Green this morning near Siston. That green looks amazing IRL
  4. Paulbean

    Knocking sound on a new built engine (JE PISTON) slap or somthing else?

    Could it be a tensioner for the aux belt breaking up? This is purely a guess as I've not seen the belt configuration.
  5. Paulbean

    Sportback Sportback replacement rims - question on rear wheel diameter

    I would go so far as to say that running a square setup would be better for the 4wd system as (assuming you are using the same 4 tyres) there will be no difference between rolling radius front to rear whereas staggered has a very minimal difference. Would give you a wider choice of tyre as well.
  6. Paulbean

    Facelift RS3 Project Rebuild

    Sorry to hear about your awful treatment upon reaching the UK, makes me ashamed to be British.
  7. Paulbean

    RS3 DAZA oil consumption

    I was going to say the same as T-1000. The first 3-4k used a bit of oil, now just needs checking with no top up.
  8. Paulbean

    Strange Rattle sound when Car cold.

    Mine rattles on cold start until you switch drive mode, not sure if that is coincidental with the cat warmup cycle or not. I'm used to strange mechanical noises at cold start having come from a slapper of a scooby :tearsofjoy:
  9. Paulbean

    Stage 2 RS3 which oil?

    When I was a Scooby owner and had it mapped, I ran a 10w60 purely to protect the turbo bearings (and cylinder 3) from the very high temps they see (and it was a sloppy flat four so no need for the lower viscosity when cold :tearsofjoy:) It's all down to personal preference within reason, if it...
  10. Paulbean

    RS3 Bonnet and Grill Alignment Concerns

    Yeah, I think that is standard for the bonnet to slightly overhang the grille (at least I hope so as mine is the same!!)
  11. Paulbean

    Dynamic wing mirror indicators and carbon fiber covers retrofit

    looks good, something I'd like to do one day :)
  12. Paulbean

    RS3 Fromt grille emblem

    @creweaudiparts (site sponsor)?
  13. Paulbean

    Yet another RS3 badge question..

    Did you get the backplate for the badge dude?
  14. Paulbean

    Facelift Audi 2019 RS3 saloon on order January 5th 2019 ...

    Indeed Terry, as my mother-in-law used to say "There aren't any pockets in shrouds". Enjoy it while you can as you never know what is around the corner (possibly not the correct analogy for a performance car thread) :) Fingers crossed for the star alignment and hope you enjoy the Porsche.
  15. Paulbean

    Yet another RS3 badge question..

    No worries :)
  16. Paulbean

    Facelift Audi 2019 RS3 saloon on order January 5th 2019 ...

    No seconds thoughts, no regrets :)
  17. Paulbean

    Yet another RS3 badge question..

    Went in the post first class last night, should be with you in a couple of days (Royal Mail permitting) :)
  18. Paulbean

    Yet another RS3 badge question..

    Yeah, I'll get it in the post today or tomorrow dude. :)
  19. Paulbean

    Facelift Audi 2019 RS3 saloon on order January 5th 2019 ...

    Ooooof, that Porker does look nice..:rock:
  20. Paulbean

    Yet another RS3 badge question..

    I've just debadged mine, pm me your address and I'll chuck it in the post for you. Might not be pristine but it'll be behind the grill anyway.