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  1. Adams3

    Speeding Points - Poll

    9 points for me and not proud of it!!
  2. Adams3

    Getting married!! :(

    Works well with the inclusion of an Audi, makes it that much more believable lol
  3. Adams3

    What do you do for a living?

    I work for a company called Giffen who are based in st albans, their main area of work is on London Underground on nights!! As for college it hasnt been too bad, have had four exams in two years, all multiple choice!! Going to be harder this year ive been told!!
  4. Adams3

    What do you do for a living?

    Good thread!! Im training to be an Electrician, im two years qualified now so one year to go and then happy days, ill be a fully fledged sparky!!
  5. Adams3

    Are these guys for real?!?!?!?

    Just ordered one!!! NOT!!! What a crock of *****!! lol
  6. Adams3

    White & Nerdy!!

    This made me laugh!! White & Nerdy
  7. Adams3


    Yeah ive seen posts where its totally text speak, i understand what it says but cant understand why people would do it when there are all those keys in front of them!!!
  8. Adams3

    Porsche Coxster gets some balls! RUF style...

    You can say that again lol
  9. Adams3

    Porsche Coxster gets some balls! RUF style...

    Looks great to me, liking those stats too!!
  10. Adams3

    Black power!!!

    The B7 looks like its big brother, well i guess it is in a way!! They both look awesome anyway, prefer the B7 though!!
  11. Adams3

    Photos of green Audi S3s needed!

    I like it in green, not as common as most of the other colours!! I see so many black S3's!!
  12. Adams3

    Caught speeding!

    Much like my last speeding offence, 72mph in a 40mph zone. Got myself a court hearing, 6 points and 200quid fine. OUCH!!!
  13. Adams3

    Audi R8 spy videos-prepare to want one!

    I want one now!!! and i mean now!!!
  14. Adams3

    What are you listening to??

    Yeah me too, not raving about the new evanescence album though, its different to their older stuff, i will probably grow to like it though!!
  15. Adams3

    What are you listening to??

    The killers- Sams town. Its getting better the more i listen to this album!!
  16. Adams3

    How to ruin an S8!

    Surely that isnt a standard leather colour. Its hideous!!
  17. Adams3

    Few rolling road videos from AMD.

    Heres a vid of mine on the rollers, poor quality though!!
  18. Adams3

    Hello I am Sam...

  19. Adams3

    Anyone Interested in a RR day at AmD ?

    Cheers Joe, i had already forgotten where you said to get it from!! lol
  20. Adams3

    Anyone Interested in a RR day at AmD ?

    And a little video of my car on the rollers!! :jump: