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    Audi Concert With bluetooth

    Thanks for the info :) I'll checkout the link now. Yes I did mean microphone, my bad. Dohh. He basically wants the same OEM setup that I have in my B7, the only difference is he is running concert whereas I have RNSE. I didn't know whether the part numbers would differ because of this...
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    Audi Concert With bluetooth

    Hi, My old man has just purchased an A3 convertible with a Audi Concert head unit, it doesn't have bluetooth and he wants to upgrade so he can use his phone via the MFSW. Can anyone advise me on what parts are required to do the job? is it a case of the standard Audi bluetooth module(If you...
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    Ami Troubles

    Hi Ash, Thank you for getting back to me! I'm located in W.Yorks, near Leeds!
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    Ami Troubles

    Hi All, As above I'm looking for some information or assistance with my AMI module fitted in an A3 8p model. I bought the car back in January and for some reason it already had the AMI module fitted in the glove box, yet no cable to/from the head unit. My first thought is that someone had...
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    Climate control part number

    Hi, Does anyone know the part number for the climate control unit.( one that sits below RNSE ) Tom
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    Retrofit Bluetooth and Cruise Control

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get Bluetooth and cruise control fitted to my A3? Price list etc?
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    I can't seem to get AMI to work. Guidance PLEASE!!!!!

    Hey guys, I have finally finished off an install of RNS-E (193G verison) and AMI. The RNS-E is working perfectly with my Phat Noise, Bose etc however I can't get the AMI to function. On the RNS-E it displays "External Audi source is active" and on the driver information in front of the steering...
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    Would love a little guidance!

    Hey! I have posted a few times and have read many threads but am struggling to find any information on what I actually require. I am looking into Converting my single din concert head unit into a RNS-E. I understand the whole VAGCOM programming and also how to cut down the climate control and to...
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    OEM Nav, Bluetooth and Phat Noise

    Hey Guys, I understand that this may not be in the right place but please bare with me, it is my first post and I'm just coming to terms with the forum. I will improve!!! haha Okay so I have a 2004 A3 2.0TDI with OEM single DIN unit(Not quite sure which) along with Bose and an added Phat Noise...