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  1. MrLapou

    Auto dimming mirror

    Often mirror comes with mount adapter. Check with seller. Should be ready to fit and take live from over head lighting.
  2. MrLapou

    Retrofit Cruise Control

    My A3 was a MY2009 with white DIS. I fitted cc myself and never needed a module change, so it was simple program with my vcds. If you can scan using vcds this will confirm the module's version number.
  3. MrLapou

    Telephone is not available?

    I've got a kit or sale in classifieds
  4. MrLapou

    Brake fluid and engine oil ?

    My experience buying oil off eBay was a bad one. Counterfeits galore..... Yip new pads will be a better bet.
  5. MrLapou

    Moving on

    Will do.
  6. MrLapou

    Moving on

    Yes, got several quotes. Dealer who had the GTi I wanted happened to give decent px.
  7. MrLapou

    Moving on

    After just over 2 years and 21k miles (2009 2.0 TFSi Quattro S-Tronic, car now showing about 61k miles) of impeccable fault free service from my car, I'm leaving the fold.. Albeit the quattro is good, sadly never had chance to try it on snow with its winter tyres. Moving over to a MK7 GTI...
  8. MrLapou

    Electrical issues! Help please!

    Perhaps the mechanism mechanical is sticking and simply needs lubricating.
  9. MrLapou

    Timing belt & water pump price

    Does the Audi garage offer fixed price servicing? Local indy here charged £390 all in last year.
  10. MrLapou

    A3 Wont start! :(

    Instead of speculating this or that is wrong, best to have it scanned by VCDS / diagnostics. It could equally be a poor earth connection..
  11. MrLapou

    Open sky roof noise

    One on my car makes similar noises depending on outside temp. I simply sprayed the mechanism and seal areas with silicone oil. It helps but no 100%. But do remember to open all doors or windows open for a while to ventilate the odour, and cover the interior with an old cloth to prevent over...
  12. MrLapou

    A3 dsg s-tronic 2.0tfsi quattro

    yeah you'll be okay to increase the BHP and torque.
  13. MrLapou

    Chain noise, major problem?

    In that case could it be the tensioner or other cambelt pulley? When was the cambelt and/or waterpump last changed?
  14. MrLapou

    Chain noise, major problem?

    What year is the car and its engine code?
  15. MrLapou

    Can anyone tell me what this is in English

    That's the same picture posted in another thread by a member????
  16. MrLapou

    Battery Drain Fuse F18

    I've not noticed a hiss on my Boss equipped car. Could be the head unit's auto shut down feature has gone faulty. Sorry on idea how to reset it. Perhaps try a battery disconnect for 30 mins.
  17. MrLapou

    Rear wiper arm change issue

    Small bearing puller. But be sure not to apply too much pressure onto the centre nipple. But before, soak with +Gas lube for an hour or so.
  18. MrLapou

    Help 'oxidising' head lights

    Buy some plastic headlight polish and apply (do not it run dry) with a slow running rotary buffer. It should re-shine the plastic cover.
  19. MrLapou

    Economical S3 - 400+ miles to a tank (and I aint kidding!)

    Label on the B pillar shows the 2.0TFSi Quattro S-Tronic is: Normal tyres 225/40 18 XL 39 front, 35 rear. Winter tyres 225/45 17 XL 42 front, 38 rear. Funny that as I'd have thought both cars' weight and distribution would be almost exactly the same. Perhaps it's down to suspension settings...
  20. MrLapou


    Bought Silencio VM309 Flat Wiper Blade Set about 22mths ago and still going strong. At the time incl del £21.49. Straight fit with no adapters required. VALEO Silencio X.TRM VM309 Windscreen Wiper Blades Audi A3 TIP..... If different makes of screen wash are used, this can lead to smearing...