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  1. j4jon

    A3 8L Radio Reception

    Can I not measure it in the base of the aerial itself? ie take the base off the roof so that I can measure it where the coax is soldered onto the PCB?
  2. j4jon

    A3 8L Radio Reception

    Is it possible to measure the voltage at the aerial base to work out if power is getting to the aerial, thus eliminating either the HU (no power) or the aerial base (power)? I'm guessing it should get 12v?
  3. j4jon

    A3 8L Radio Reception

    I originally posted this in the A3 section but is probably better here. My parents have a 2001 8L A3 with the Symphony 1 HU and a Dension IceLink on the CD changer port. Recently the radio reception on MW (got it right this time) for Radio 5 is unusable, crackles and breaks up, FM is fine...
  4. j4jon

    SD Cards with RNS-E Unit

    if you don't fancy ebay then try amazon.
  5. j4jon

    Standard wattage on front speakers?

    I have an Andymac special and its fantastic, sooo much more bass and I still have a boot that I can use. I used to have a 12" Pioneer in my last car (306) and it was great for bass but used up all the boot. Whereas the stealth sub gives good bass and still leaves the boot free.
  6. j4jon

    AndyMac Special

    Put the new AndyMac sub in the car today, and what a difference!! Took quite a while but didn't follow the instructions properly, the bit about supergluing the nut to the top of your finger so you don't drop it and loose it. Some advice to others follow the instructions then you won't have to...
  7. j4jon

    Facia Adapter for Symphony

    Just to let people know, I went to my local audio dealer, John Kleis in Reading, and they can sell my the same facia for only £15. Doesn't look to bad either looks like it will be a good fit, and reasonable colour match. Now just need to decide on a HU
  8. j4jon

    Facia Adapter for Symphony

    Anybody know if I can get a facia adapter for a 2001 A3TS with a symphony HU? I found this: But would like one which does cost £40 Is it possible to get one from an A6 or something and trim it to fit? I'd love to replace the HU...