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  1. Aly

    Exterior Detail On The C6 (pic heavy)

    Some morning after pics...
  2. Aly

    Exterior Detail On The C6 (pic heavy)

    Thanks for the kind word's guy's !
  3. Aly

    Exterior Detail On The C6 (pic heavy)

    Well as I had a spare morning I was up at the crack of dawn... In between the showers I managed to give the A6 a good scrub! Not much been done lately apart from maintenance and some more planned next week! Started with a wash using the two bucked method, followed by a towel dry, I then...
  4. Aly

    Plea to ban motorists washing their cars in the street!

    Petrol stations are campaigning for a ban on drivers washing their own cars in the street and want them to pay to use garage facilities instead. Source and more info...
  5. Aly

    A6 detailed

    She looks mint Jim... Almost as good as mines :p