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    100 Posts

    100 Posts at last. I like to take my time.
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    Which estate model?

    How much are you prepared to pay S3BB, different people have different ideas of cheap!!
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    Rare colour S3.....

    Saves using the foglights!!
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    What Jobs have you guys got? Rude but sorry

    Anyone missing him yet??????
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    Half Century

    [ QUOTE ] Alex Stanley said: After seeing your avatar, I've suddenly become really REALLY worried about you, Nobby!!!! [/ QUOTE ] I've been worried for quite some time
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    Half Century

    [ QUOTE ] Alex Stanley said: I'm sure JPR, Gambba or Rich could **** on mine too [/ QUOTE ] Whatever takes your fancy
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    Leaving the scene of an accident

    I would speak to them and get details first and then as Audi girl says be honest. I had one of these a few years back for an incident in North London, my car and I were near Gatwick at the time. I phoned the police and explained, they asked the colour of my car, (at that time Red) and then...
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    S3 Thought's....

    [ QUOTE ] Imola S3 said: [ QUOTE ] S3 ToBY said: I'm off to look under the passenger seat for a time tunnel to World Cup 1966...... [/ QUOTE ] Do you English people ever give up about 1966? [/ QUOTE ] We may do in 2006, fingers crossed, hoping praying
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    Considering buying an S3 - Advice please!

    [ QUOTE ] JayBeeS3 said: well I live in The Netherlands......... that explains all..... The most expensive cars in the world Most expensive fuel in the world High road taxes Expensive dealers and so on and so on........ [/ QUOTE ] So how much is a beer Jaybees3???
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    Who the hell are.....

    [ QUOTE ] Golf Bygone said: The palaver is ended. [/ QUOTE ] What no mention of Soft Micks brother Soft Tony the Ice cream salesman?? You're only telling us half the story!!!
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    Kiwi in London.

    As you're in London did you go and watch in England Rugby teams victory parade??? Seriously though welcome to the site M8
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    Heated Mirrors (Retro fitting)

    Thanks Cocktail Designer
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    Who the hell are.....

    So what happened to Gordon's pet Tortoise "Eric" and his pet Badger "Dave" then??
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    Heated Mirrors (Retro fitting)

    Thanks Cocktaildesigner, it'll be interesting to know how many of my (hard-earned ) pennies it will cost.
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    Heated Mirrors (Retro fitting)

    Does anyone know if it is possible (and the cost) to retrofit heated mirrors to an A6. Mine is I believe the 1998 model albeit registered in sept 97. Unheated mirrors in this weather are a pain!! Cheers
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    It's the day after the night before..

    [ QUOTE ] khufu said: I get the impression that every body on this forum accesses it when at work so maybe it is an incentive to go or the forum would be quiet. I just fall down the stairs and I'm at work, I was considering getting a room/pole like batman.... [/ QUOTE ] I hope you not...
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    An expensive way of making it look as though you've just driven though a muddy puddle!!!!
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    Where did you learn to drive??

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    small puddle of water under car each time

    [ QUOTE ] JayBeeS3 said: [ QUOTE ] Leddy said: [ QUOTE ] JayBeeS3 said: so i'll just wait for my next accident then it can be repaired when its in the bodyshop anyway. [/ QUOTE ] I like an optimistic attitude!!! [/ QUOTE ] ..... its unfortunately based on experience..... the body...
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    site any quicker?

    [ QUOTE ] audi girl said: Yep Khufu - now I work in IT, I'd be stuffed if I wouldn't go in the same room as a computer [/ QUOTE ] But do you still take your parents with you????