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    A3 std stereo

    Vman fitted a Becker Mexico recently and I can vouch that it is a vast improvement over the standard stereo. Looks really good as well and definitely blends in with the rest of the interior. Certainly don't think you would be disappointed if you purchased one
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    Warning light-what is it???

    Had the same light come up on mine over xmas and like you couln't see it in the owners manual. Eventually diagnosed as a faulty coolant temp sensor.
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    Just Coincidence?

    Fixed! Surprise, surprise stealerships fault (Ipswich Audi)! I phoned them up to tell them that since they had fixed the sensor it had been leaking coolant. Woman on parts service told me it couldn't possibly be their fault as they didn't touch the coolant when changing the sensor. I argued the...
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    Just Coincidence?

    I hope they did fit an O-ring because they charged me 79p plus VAT for one! Then again they probably haven't. Certainly will be trying to avoid using dealerships in future.
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    Just Coincidence?

    [ QUOTE ] It really takes a special kinda person to fluff a temperature sensor replacement [/ QUOTE ] Stealerships are full of very special people though
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    Just Coincidence?

    Well she got me to work this morning with no warning lights coming on. Just checked thr levels after it had cooled and yep they have dropped to well below minimum. However I can see a "pink residue" underneath where the colant sensor is which I believe has fallen onto the transmission. This...
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    Just Coincidence?

    Cheers, Must admit that was my first thought that they hadn't fitted it correctly! Although I didn't know where to look so thanks for that link. Have now had a look and to my "non-expert" eye it doesn't look as if it is seated right but can't see any signs of coolant. Although I presume the...
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    Just Coincidence?

    Hi, Following on from my little escapade with the engine management light coming on and the stealership fitting a new coolant temperature sensor. I started the car this morning and I had the coolant warning light come up on the DIS. Checked my levels and found that they were low so I topped up...
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    Warning Light on Dash

    Fixed. Turned out to be a faulty coolant temperature sensor. Have had a new one fitted for £89 so could have been worse.
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    Warning Light on Dash

    Booked in for next wednesday so fingers crossed. The "nice man" at the stealership seemed to think it would be Ok to drive and wouldn't be anything too serious. Suggested it could even be caused by something as simple as a change in petrol. We will see I spose but I am still not going to take...
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    Warning Light on Dash

    Hi, Driving back last night and an orange warning light came on which is shaped like an engine. Looked in manual but it doesn't say what it is but searching the forum I gather it is some kind of engine management light. This could not have happened at a worse time what with it being Xmas and I...
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    peeling interior trim....

    Not on my headlight switch but the "paint" on the buttons on my concert head unit has come off on one of the buttons. I know have 5 black and one white button!!
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    S3 Service

    Just had my 40k AVS service, brake fluid change and haldex oil and filter change all for £450 at Ipswich Audi. I was pretty impressed with that price
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    Dripping water

    Cheers guys, Definitely didn't smell of anything when I dipped my finger in last night so I presume all is well and it is just the air con. Never noticed it before though and there was a fair bit of it. I will keep on eye on it though. Vman new RS4 reps look the dogs danglys IMO (if a bit...
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    Dripping water

    Hi, Reversing out my drive last night and noticed a trail of fluid following the car and a small puddle where it had been parked. Pulled back in and took a look underneath and it was still dripping from an area towards the back of the engine (couldn't get right underneath to get an exact...
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    Moto GP

    How on earth he managed to stay on the back of that bike I will never now. The bloke is untouchable!
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    S3 Stolen!

    Is nothing safe. You can't even sleep easy in your bed nowadays. Shocking! Glad you are OK anyway and you definitely did the right thing IMO The sad thing is if you had have hit them over the head with a baseball bat (the least these to55ers deserve) it would probably be you spending the night...
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    passenger air bag

    Hi mate, I made the same post when I got my S3, one day I noticed the light and paniced also. I was told however that this was just the system checking itself and is normal. Cheers
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    Rear Window Heater

    Hi, Does anybody know whether the rear window heater should switch itself off or not. Left mine on for about an hour this morning before noticing I hadn't turned it off! My previous 4 cars (fords and peugeots) all had this on them. Find it a bit strange that the S3 doesn't. Cheers
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    Passenger Airbag Light

    Cheers Matey, In over a month and a half of ownership I have never noticed that before. You learn something new every day!