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    2014 S3 and 2019 S3

    Best colour ?! Well I’d be looking for Ara blue or Daytona grey !!!!! With virtual cockpit
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    2014 S3 and 2019 S3

    Great updates ! Yep I had a 3 door, was thinking sportback or even saloon. Always liked how it had a wee bit of pop to it, I’ve just sold a MK2 focus Rs, the Rs3 would be amazing but a bit out of my price range and doing that 15/16k a year would just be too much £££ how does the mpg average out...
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    2014 S3 and 2019 S3

    Can anyone give me a brief update on how they compare ?- I had a new 64 plate S3 and could be looking for another, back then it was a 6 speed auto, think it’s 7 now ?- that was its only let down, high revving on long journeys. much else changed ? cheers
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    S3 Tyres...

    My 64 plate came with conti's - now got 4x p zeros - no where near as good Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    A1 tdi s line egr valve failure

    Went on my wife's car a 2010 1.6 diesel a3 cab. At the time it was just out of warranty. Needs to have been serviced etc in the network - deffo get onto Audi for a goodwill - ours was going to be 800 odd, think it was a couple of hundred.
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    Has anyone got............

    I have a white HB S3 - in Dunfermline !
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    Still massively undecided!! S3 or not S3? that is the question!!

    Test drove a 335xd before I got my S3- I may well have ordered the BMW, but for me it's not the nicest looking car to be honest compared to previous a sport models. Engine wise it was fantastic Then I had the S3 on demo- I knew as soon as I drove it that it was for me. I have no doubt the...
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    Attendee list [Jul 19, 2015] Scottish Car Show (Edinburgh)

    Hey Sandra What's the format/requirements for this ? Are the cars on a stand/ group pitch or something ? I'd be quite keen ! Ross
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    S3 400+ mile range club

    mental - i cant get 300 at the moment !
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    S3 - Efficiency mode DOES work!

    i'm lucky to get 30 mpg - 300 miles to a tank -mix of driving..... think i need to look at my style !!!
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    Super sport seats question

    great seats - worth upgrading
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    New cars eve !!!!

    Would rather have a tracker than not tbh.... My work paid for mine so not bad.... Cobra trak plus - cat6.
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    New cars eve !!!!

    Build week 42 I was. Been at the dealers since the 6th I think - current lease deal had til yesterday to run so could not get it until today really, also had a tracker fitted while it was sat there waiting Thanks for all the kind words - promise more pics after a good detailing shesh- all...
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    New cars eve !!!!

    Trying to do this on the phone!!- will get some good pics at weekend !
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    New cars eve !!!!

    Couple o more
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    New cars eve !!!!

    Hi folks It was delivered to the house at 0830, I'll happily admit I was like a big kid and never slept !! Anyway it's here!!
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    New cars eve !!!!

    old car emptied out (a5 black ed) all ready for the new car being delivered tomorrow.... Canny wait !!!
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    Scottish meet?

    i'm up for a meet- i'm over in Dunfermline
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    BW 41, 42, 43, 44

    I'm build week 42- car getting delivered to my home one week tomorrow, but has been at garage for 2 weeks - time deffo moving slow !! I would have expected more delivery pics from folk !!!!
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    Standard stereo upgrade options?

    I have B&O in my A5 black ed and it's just amazing - s3 coming next week with just the standard kit..... Oh dear !!