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    Book time to remove a3 tdi 130 exhaust manifold

    Hi, does anyone have the program to tell how long it should take to replace the exhaust manifold on my pd130 Audi a3? Cheers. Lew :)
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    Egr delete gains

    A home made one from eBay mate. Fitted fine and works like a treat!
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    Paranoia with glow plugs

    Really paranoid about changing my glow plugs for fear of them snapping. Any one got any useful tips i.e. lots of wd40 and get the engine warm? Or aren't they known for snapping on the pd130 engine??
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    Boot camp windows co and itl be flawless! Mine is.
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    I run vcds and vag k+can commander on my MacBook Pro. Took a little setting up but are very very fast and reliable!
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    Egr delete gains

    Just fitted an egr delete to my car just to get rid of them crappy boost connectors. I can't believe how much of a difference it has made. I was considering selling up because mine felt like an old diesel, laggy, loud, unsteady idle and didn't want to rev. Pulled my egr off to clean it, not...
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    A3 TDi cold start misfire

    Hi, lately I've had a problem with my A3 TDi running really rough when started in the morning. it sometimes idles lower aswell as lumpy and when driven it will get to 2000rpm then feel like it has a really really bad misfire (and sounds like its hitting a rev limiter) then if you floor it it...
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    wiring up recaros in my a3

    the only connector i have tho is the air bag one, so would i just give it a positive(fused) and a ground and it would work? im thinking the the loom wouldn't go as far as the dash to wire up my switches which i intend to buy
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    wiring up recaros in my a3

    Hey thanks Ben I will be purchasing the switches ready to link up the wiring will have a look at that loom:)
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    wiring up recaros in my a3

    Thanks mate, it's the heating elements that's got me a little stumped... Will probably need to make a mini loom between the seats and switches :)
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    wiring up recaros in my a3

    hey, have just bought a set of front recaros and im just wondering will the extra connectors (needed by the seats) be on the cars loom as i have no electric seats and these are fully electric (and heated) or would some more wiring up be necessary? dont have much time to work on it so want to get...
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    Cheap 8l recaro front seats

    Lol that should read recaro, yeah have been searching eBay for ages! Never see a cheap set go for sale though :(
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    Cheap 8l recaro front seats

    Any one know of any cheap recarro front seats, don't mind if they are damaged ect.
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    spot the real lambo ?

    they have v12's in them, they do v8's and bmw v12's ive got a 355 replica, but sadly cant have the v8 as of yet :(
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    a3 1.8T intercooler on a TDI???

    hi, kave. do you mean you have the ebay intercooler fitted or do you mean you would try to fit it?
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    a3 1.8T intercooler on a TDI???

    hi, i currently have a small hole in my intercooler and am struggling to find a decent replacement, could i use an aftermarket intercooler meant for a 1.8T? the intercooler itself is a copy of the forge one. i realise i may have to bit of chopping of boost pipes etc and maybe fab some hardpipes...
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    fuel level problem and audi are no help

    Cheers for the responses guys I have some one that can reprogram clusters so if I got a petrol one and swapped over the tacho and temp would this suffice? Or am I looking St the hole capoodle?? It's nice to know audi wasn't trying to rip me off too! I'm such a pessimist!
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    fuel level problem and audi are no help

    hi, my a3 tdi has a problem with the fuel level (not just fuel prices). when the tank is full it will show well over a full tank and when it is empty it will read just over 1/4 a tank and the red light comes on at half tank. i have spoken to audi and they just said it will be a dash pinnacle...
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    does a slightly coked turbo make more power??

    Does a slightly coked turbo make more power than a clean turbo?? i ask this because mine has gone into safe mode a couple of times whilst driving really hard on boost and its likely the veins getting coked up so was planning on cleaning the turbo out but may reconsider if it will loose a bit of...
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    a3 tdi (130) strut brace from a mk4 golf

    I have ben offered a cheap OMP front upper strut brace for my car. the seller has stated it fits mk4 golfs and has gien me the product number 036rg76 however this seems to to fit mk3 golfs as i have read online. he says it is fitted to his mk4 1.8t and should fit mine. is it likey that it will...