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    Avant 2WD PD130...rear brake size

    GSF list three different size discs for the rear of mine, its 245mm, 255mm or 288mm. Its a PD130, FWD Avant, bone stock, 04 reg. Which one is right?
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    PD130 Temp Sensor...which one?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll be checking it out over the weekend.
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    Anyone with Vagcom near Kings Lynn or Lincoln way?

    If you're still looking, get on Facebook and go on Lincs VAG, theres a few guys with VAGCOM. Lincs VAG
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    PD130 Temp Sensor...which one?

    Temp gauge 99% of the time reads 50 (lowest point), go over a pothole and sometimes it might read a normal value but I'm going to change it as I'm getting pretty bad MPG, around 500 miles to a full tank (used to be 600+, mostly A-roads). I'm guessing the car thinks its running cold so...
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    Pd130 Temp Gauge

    Slight issue I noticed the last few days, the temp gauge is working intermittently. Sometimes it stays at 50 (lowest point), but go over a bump and it reads around 90 which is normal operating temp. I noticed it this week, not long after going over a particualrly vicious pothole (which also...
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    Aero arms - adaptors to regular wipers?

    I do a lot of miles at random times of night (photographer), and had a lot of occasions where my wipers have started smearing at 2am in a bad downpour....the only places open for car parts at that time are 24hr supermarkets, and they obviously don't stock aero wipers. I have a bottle of Rain-X...
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    Aero arms - adaptors to regular wipers?

    My wipers were smearing pretty badly last night. Went into Halfords earlier today and according to their chart, some Valeo wipers (R51 and R53) would fit my B6 Sport Avant. Not a bad price, £12 per side and I've had them on lots of other cars so I made the purchase. Came to fit them, and the...
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    Strange noises, or is it just me?

    Picked up my new purchase just over a week ago, an 04 A4 Sport Avant 1.9TDI with 92k. I've done just over 200 miles in the thing without any bother apart from the brake pad wear indicator coming on intermittantly. The car is currently standard. However, today as I was cruising at around 70mph...
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    My Sport. I spent ages looking for one, I was resigned to spending around £4.5k on a standard one with 150k, then this popped up. It was 92k for just over £4k. Needs some bits tidying up but was by far the lowest mileage A4 Sport Avant for the money I could find with warranty and full MOT, so I...