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    Wiper position after windscreen change!

    I had the same issue after having my A5 windscreen replaced, you can get a proper wiper arm removal tool to get it off and reposition it.
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    A4 black edition privacy glass

    Only standard on BE Avant
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    Audi A4 B8 OBD Port location

    Pretty sure it is low down and to the right under the steering column
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    Stupid Audi

    Right, have fitted it to the Audi, and to the wife's mini. Fits exactly the same in both. Have spoken to Maxi cosi and they couldn't give me a reasons to why it would not be approved. They said I should get the retailer to test fit it for me and that if it fits and looks safe then it should be...
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    Stupid Audi

    This is ridiculous, I have a cabriofix car seat and a family fix base which it is looking likely I will have to return (my wife is four days overdue with our first child). It hadn't even occurred to me that the car seat would not be compatible with the A4 as I thought isofix was done to a set...
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    Pedal offset - how much of a problem for you?

    Always comes up as a negative in reviews of the A4 so I was concerned before buying mine, but as soon as I sat in one for a test drive I realised it wasn't a problem.
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    2.0 TDI MPG

    I've averaged 38mpg from mine since June last year, was hoping to average in the 40's but the highest I have seen is 42mpg and a lowest of 33.5mpg
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    Newbie - A4 Avant Black Edition colour choice

    A vote for lava grey here!
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    New 19" Audi Alloys

    Very nice! I agree with TripleD the grey look much nicer than the black versions
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    Most expensive box of biscuits I have ever bought!

    Never been impressed with refurbs on the alloys on my other cars, and have no faith that it would look as good as new. I'm hoping that a mate at Audi or my brother at EuroCarParts can get me a bit of a discount. Besides, I have already spent the best part of £600 having a small stone chip in...
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    Most expensive box of biscuits I have ever bought!

    Popped out today to buy some biscuits as my parents were popping over and upon parking when getting home managed to scrape one of my BE alloys. Can't be doing with getting it refurbed so a £5.99 box of biscuits will end up costing me £596.50 extra! :crying: Wife is less than pleased, but seeing...
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    Courtesy Car

    I've had a TT and a TT roadster the times mine has been in.
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    Facelift 2012 A4 Avant 2.0TDI Quattro 177PS Black Edition> Delivery time?

    Facelift looks very nice in the pics! And Lava grey will look good with the wheels (although I am slightly biased!!)
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    Newbie - A4 Avant S line - B8

    The trip computer reset button is the one between the DIS and the speedo, is that what you have been pressing?
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    New mods

    Looks great, amazing what a difference the black bits make to the look of the front end
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    B8 S-Line spec

    When did you order it, the facelift was only announced at the end of October.
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    B8 S-Line spec

    Facelift has new lights and grill / bumper. New steering wheel with round centre and (on BE) flat bottom. The centre console controls have also been simplified.
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    B8 S-Line spec

    Only on the new facelift model, the older model didn't come with flat bottom wheel.
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    Mpg 2l tdi 143 s line

    Mine averages 39mpg since buying it, i have only done 3800 miles since buying it in June though.
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    B&O speaker failure A4 2010 Avant Sp Ed

    I did in my 2011 model, ended up having the amp replaced under warranty.