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    Hello im back !

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    Number Plates !

    im sure they banned selling them so people sell them as show plates to avoid getting documents ...
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    Number Plates !

    yes but i thought show plate are illegal to sell ?
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    Number Plates !

    Well how do they get away with it ?
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    Number Plates !

    Hi all , when looking for number plates i have found loads of ebay sellers selling plates with no customer documents required for plates ? how do they get away with this as they are road legal plates ?
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    S3 Owners

    Yup , Love the cars i sold mine to get a run about now im bored of the a2 its too slow lol
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    S3 Owners

    HaHa , Yeah the missis can be shoved in the back stop her moaning tbh as long as i can pull the babyseat out etc its fine , Just need the s3 back lol
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    S3 Owners

    Yes , Very true i had enough of the audi a2 its a good car on fuel but want the power back . :)
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    S3 Owners

    Good morning all , I had a s3 a while back and went a got a audi a2 but thinking of getting a audi s3 again .... how many of you guys have audi s3's and have new born kids ?
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    Fireworks - Online @ a good price

    Hi everyone , I have ordered from quite a few times they mainly have red devil fireworks which have a really good kick i have had them a few years running they are a good price and delivery is only £15 if anyone wants 10% just quote this Atomic 10/2009/1 in...
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    Hey all , if you have a old ish pc and want some ddr to speed it up get some now at play as they have now dropped the price normally a small fortune . Main Specifications...
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    Snowed in?

    oh well if the road is blocked i ant going to try im fed up of this crap weather
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    Snowed in?

    Even more snow then ? omg not more
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    Hsppy 2009 to you all!!!

    Happy new year it was a cold one :)
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    MINT Car for sale - please see ad innit!!!

    lol what a pile of ****
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    Anybody knowmuch about Mk3 Golf GTi's?

    i had a 16v mk3 gti it had everything . The car was nice only sold for a grand they are not worth much anymore !!
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    amd technik

    Hi all , i wanted to get in contact with these guys in surrey , but there number doesn't work ? . Anyone know the number in woking surrey ?