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  1. MattS5

    well guys thats it .... the s4 is no longer

    Sold mine a year ago after owning it for 7 years. Still miss that burble. Such an accomplished car. Any reason you removed the pre pump prior to sale? (Would have given extra confidence to any new owner I'd have thought?)
  2. MattS5

    New S4 V8 B6 owner

    Mind rattled for less than a second at 40k miles, and 55k miles later and 7 years later when I sold it at 95k, it still only rattled for less than a second. Sometimes it did it when hot from start up and sometimes it didn't do it when cold. Unpredictable, that's for sure. A pump would certainly...
  3. MattS5

    New S4 V8 B6 owner

    I guess it depends when you fit the accusump. At 3-4 yrs old you're probably doing a good thing. At 8-9 yrs old and with anything over 70k miles on the existing parts already, would you not think the majority of the damage is already done? Only my opinion, sorry to take the thread off topic.
  4. MattS5

    New S4 V8 B6 owner

    A quick google search returns this thread P1TSE The solution to chain rattle
  5. MattS5

    New S4 V8 B6 owner

    That's interesting. Lot of people blamed the guides for being the wrong composition, not lack of oil pressure, thus why they broke after years of hot oil and friction. I think you'd just be unlucky for it to happen, some people with B7 variants gave had them break at 60k miles, others have B6...
  6. MattS5

    New S4 V8 B6 owner

    Just newer versions of the guides. You still have to take the engine out, so exactly the same costs involved It just depends if you prefer to get the issue sorted before it potentially gets you. A lot of it is internet scaremongering with people only posting bad issues, however, if you...
  7. MattS5

    New S4 V8 B6 owner

    Great car, I loved it. In fact got too attached to it and after 7 years it had to go. More and more scare stories about cam guides kept appearing and I thought at 96k miles and 11 years old, it was time to let it go before it potentially cost me £2.5k bill. I was running original clutch too...
  8. MattS5

    Spurios oil level warnings V8 S4???????

    Mine occasionally threw a warning after a long journey, like over 400 miles, but when checked the level was fine. It hasn't done it for a couple of years now, but when it popped the light last time I was on the way back from Monaco last year (2k miles return trip in 4 days) and it did actually...
  9. MattS5

    Armrest Lid - Repair ?

    I've just dug out the receipt, it was actually £60, not £30, so just a 50% price increase, not a 200%.......still a ****** rip off. The black leather part no. is A8E0 864 245 M8 6R If anyone needs it.
  10. MattS5

    Armrest Lid - Repair ?

    Looks a good solution, just need to cut my drinks holder to allow space to recess them. Did you screw them in and just glue the metal strip to the lid?
  11. MattS5

    Armrest Lid - Repair ?

    Great stuff, will be good to see a tidy fix for this problem. I've broken 2 now in 5 years, the last lid cost £30 but Audi seem to have increased the price over the last 3 years and now want £90 for the part. Ouch.
  12. MattS5

    Anyone running german style pressed plates?

    I was for around 3 years until I got nicked for them last summer
  13. MattS5

    Anyone after a full RNS-e setup?

    Hi The Aux in socket and plug, is it complete with a plug/socket on each end? Or does it need to be wired in somehow? (basically, is it plug and play?)
  14. MattS5

    Window motor/mech broken?

    If its the same problem I had, it cost me around £150 to get it fixed at Audi I think. It the mech that breaks, trouble is, if you keepo trying to press the buttonm it can burn the motor out. Part was around £50 quid from memory, but I didn't fancy taking the door panel off to replace it...
  15. MattS5

    Need to replace wipers.

    I bought a pair from GSF, from memory they came out around £15. Cheers
  16. MattS5

    Drivers side window

    Thanks Ian, but a little too late for me. Car was fixed today at Audi. Hopefully the comprehensive link you posted will be of use to someone else though :) (being honest, with a 2 month old baby and a 3 year old in the house, the chances of me getting time this side of May to sort it would be...
  17. MattS5

    Drivers side window

    Diagnosis is a a faulty window mechanism. It would seem to be pretty common as thats the part they'd already ordered for me after I rang them last night. Cost to fix - £306 inc VAT Although I did negotiate a 15% discount with Audi for parts and labour so nearer £250. (its only money...
  18. MattS5

    Drivers side window

    did you get a solution to this at all? Mind did the very same thing this morning and wonder what I should do ta Matt
  19. MattS5

    Clear Indicator Bulbs

    I've wanted to do this for awhile, but it just looks so ****** difficult to get in there to change them. Any tips to make it easy(er)?
  20. MattS5

    V8 S4 owners wanted, for article in Audi Driver

    I take it you're Ian? I got quite scared reading about your hassles! Mind you, it seems that you certainly like to get as much fun as you can out of it, i couldn't help but chuckle when you said you'd been in the gravel traps twice due to crap brake discs! (that could have been loads worse)