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    What’s this part?!

    didnt you have a turbo failure and get a new one? if so its a part that has been disturbed
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    DSG Tune tomorrow

    Why i chose tvs...... I seen other tuners tcu tunes mixed reviews But not a bad review for tvs. .... If you look at tvs website these gearboxes are thier core business repairing, upgrading, conversions etc so they have heavily invested in this market....... Generally speaking if the american...
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    Audi A7 warning lights

    worth having for info , there is some steering info in there
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    Audi A7 warning lights

    the symbol with the red cross means bulb circuit monotoring ( bulb blown) (or canbus error like your typical low resistance led light canbus errors) get halfords to undo the install and start a fresh. otherwise id be concentrating on central electrics module 09
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    Audi A7 warning lights

    logic says take a step back. ( like windows restore point ) First try disconnect dash cam power to rule out inteference on the windscreen as you may have sensitive radar or camera near where the dash cam is mounted that will be required to work correctly for adaptive light levelling is it all...
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    55 TFSI 2018 clutch slip at 40k km ?

    i am assuming it is s tronic -- may have a slight bit of wear try a clutch adaptation so the clutch biting points are relearned
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    DSG Tune tomorrow

    I may have had one of the A7 earliest software versions showing 2011 production line tcu software so i have really benefitted from this. in my opinion Had some good use with it late on in the week and over weekend , i can keep it smooth slow shifting modulation for comfort in efficiency and...
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    Green menu help

    sorry about late reply not seen this . hope this helps if you have not got sorted yet probably not in order but im sure you can suss it out from top menu bar
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    Suspension torque specs

    Disregard below i read too fast and thought it was part numbers you were after............. what about www.oem.pc dang it , has this site been taken down...pity try this this seems to work similar see pics if this is what your looking for.
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    Service info whats best oil

    i used meets vw 507.00 spec its about 6 litres if you change the oil filter too eurocar parts Mobil 1 ESP Engine Oil - 5W-30 - 5ltr Expertly engineered to help prolong the life and maintain the efficiency of your car's Emission Reduction System. This unique formulation of leading edge...
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    DSG Tune tomorrow

    Was busy today helping fix a family members car and dropping it off today... Due to staying in glasgow roads are shut for cop26 preperations. / Rush hour etc Not had a good chance to have a right good shot but have felt its difference the 30 mins blast i had. Its much more eager especially...
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    DSG Tune tomorrow You can flick through the tabs on this link for a look whats included. I have my days mixed up its actually tomorrow now (26th) I just find my upshifts very slow to react for a comfortable seemless shift but i want it to go quicker and let...
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    55 TFSI stage 1 remap. Is it worth it ?

    what gearbox?, check gearbox ratings also what other models / power outputs the same gearbox is fitted to - maybey its same box fitted to s5 etc etc and can handle more than that
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    A7 resolution for DAB FM AM and Bluetooth drop out

    dab is one of the biggest hyped over rated technologies that became available , the reception is garbage even in a static houshold radio, signal to noise ratio is pants. and other electrical devices can intefere far too easy. your better off with internet radio over android auto for a good...
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    Carbon Fibre bonnet

    it should compliment the black wheels , grill etc i would think , look forward to seeing the final result
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    DSG Tune tomorrow

    Ok Any googling came up short for me. on exact setup or even for my gearbox code it seemed no one has written or put any youtube videos showing differences on a DL501 My car still has production line dated gearbox software and think there is 2 or 3 factory updates for this available but Audi...
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    Another little project

    ok never got round to making ramps yet but got the jobs done ive been meaning to get to before the weather turns. renew exhaust slip joint . "welding hammer chap" and wire brush surface rust appearing on ferrous steel subframes wher accessible, fit all my undertrays and renew speedi clips etc...
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    Audi A7 gearbox malfunction P179D

    just for your curiosities, i was under mine today and checked mine to be ok
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    Audi a7 black edition 3ltr quattro rattle at start up now and again advice needed

    Worth noting . The exhaust sags and sometimes hits the cross brace if the joint has gone.
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    Mot claw back

    Mines getting sorted theres been an admin error somewhere so im not being forced to have an mot 6 months from last date its all good