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  1. J

    newbie here with a few problems please help

    What car you got? Guessing by your username its a S3, but what year? For the first one, sounds like your ABS could be knackered, which isnt a cheap fix either (if your car is newer than 2005 then i know if will cost atleast £1200!) Cant help you on other problem..
  2. J

    Helooooo from another Evo Defector... looking for RS4 Avant

    Sprint blue for me too.. that's what I'd get!
  3. J

    Aberdeenshire A4 newbie.

    Oldmeldrum? I'm in Ellon, although on the A3 scene ;) If you're getting rid of those alloys, gimme a shout!
  4. J

    Hi Everybody - Inverurie Scotland

    Ellon driver here, though im through in Inverurie a lot as my other half lives in Kemnay! Black 8P 2L Quattro, I'll keep an eye out for you!
  5. J

    New Audi Owner from NE Scotland

    Only got the one general picture atm, the others are with my iPhone, Mother wanted a picture of me and the car to send to my Dad (who's working abroad atm) :ermm: (p.s. I know I look like a *****, but thats what my mum wanted! :laugh:)
  6. J

    New Audi Owner from NE Scotland

    Need to get it first! lol its still at the dealer, waiting for insurance cert to come through so i can get tax on the thing, then i have to wait till I'm not working to pick it up! It's down in Glasgow, I'm up by Aberdeen. Will do though, don't you worry! ;) :P
  7. J

    A3 Symphony I Pod connection

    I'm also interested so any info gratefully received! :D
  8. J

    New Audi Owner from NE Scotland

    Hi, Just put down my deposit for a 55plate A3 2.0TDI Quattro Sport yesterday, but I'm having to wait for documents to come through before I can take it away from the dealer. Any essentials/tips for the new owner?! :D