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  1. rowdyboy

    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread A4 Symphony 2, double Din from 05 B7
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    No, I sold the car.
  3. rowdyboy

    Time to go......

    You're 100% right, it's been such an amazing car, I really struggled to know where to go from it. Like I said though, I'll be back.....I can't go below the 3.0 and I'll miss the 4wd the most. I know this will upset a few but I went to the dark side........530D M Sport !!!!! To get a similar...
  4. rowdyboy

    Time to go......

    After 6 years of owning the best car I've ever had, it's finally going next week. She's been traded in, sad times. After months of searching for a B8 3.0tdi, I just can't get anything within my budget, so reluctantly I've had to move to another brand. I want to thank all the guys on here who...
  5. rowdyboy

    Brake pads

    Don't be too hasty, that's the set up I went for and they were rubbish. I ended up swapping the pads for EBC yellowstuff ones, they are pricey but the difference was unbelievable and worth the extra cost. I have the same car as you.
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    Prices of A4 B7

    Me too, time for something new.....
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    Rear armrest cupholders

    Yep, mine has cupholders. I thought that was standard with a rear armrest.
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    Battery disconnection

    I recently got a Bosch Silverline from Halfords, with a trade card it's was a good deal.
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    Front armrest - Missing piece

    There's a few B7's being broken for spares on eBay at the minute, it might be cheaper and easier to get a whole new one from there.
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    Thanks for the info mate, it's much appreciated. Could you tell me where you found that info, part of it doesn't quite make sense. The first part says anything HIGHER than -45 eg -60 (which is a greater negative number) The second part says anything HIGHER than -15 eg +20 (which is a greater...
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    This is what I don't understand, some people say these injectors are not able to be serviced, then your guy is doing that price on exchange. Does that mean he can service them, or he's selling on the 3 good ones??? It'd be good to find out. I find it hard to believe that just putting 3 in...
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    I just found a set of six on German ebay for €799 (I've not converted that to £ yet). They are new and the page mentions numerous part numbers, including the ones you quote. Theres no mention of Bosch though.
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    Could you tell me what values I should be looking for on VCDS, or where I find that info.
  14. rowdyboy

    Battery disconnection

    The only thing I had to do was reprogram the windows. It's all in the handbook, 2 min job and no VCDS needed. Mine was dead for 3 days. The sat nav was fine.
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    How many of the injectors did they change?? Could you give a rough idea of the price and would you recommend the garage?
  16. rowdyboy

    Uprated Brakes For Avant 2.0 TDi

    I swapped my OEM discs and pads for MTEC discs and mintex pads, which I was totally unimpressed by. When the pads finally gave up, I swapped the pads for EBC yellowstuff. The difference is unbelievable. I know I have the larger discs as standard but my car is a fair bit heavier, so maybe a pad...
  17. rowdyboy

    Brake issues - red warning light and loss of pressure

    You can't prove it was the garage who snapped it, that's what they'll say. Your rust issue should not be affected by getting (non paint/bodywork) REPAIRS done at other garages. Service history is exactly what it says, servicing. That's when they do the paint inspections. That's all you need to...
  18. rowdyboy

    3.0tdi starting how long

    Change the battery and it'll be back to instant starting. I had the exact same problem and my battery checked out ok. The problem is, when the battery finally goes properly, the car totally dies, leaving you stranded (as I found out).
  19. rowdyboy

    Brake bleeding

    Yes mate, I did. As I said, all sorted now thanks.