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    Best product

    476 will last longer than 845 but 845 is easier to apply once you have the bottle up to temp as it does set. I use 476 for the bodywork and 845 to top up alloy protection as it does hold up to heat and I am also running out of Planet Polish Wheel Seal. Sounds like your happy with that combo so...
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    Incontinent Karcher K4 (and fixes)...

    I have the K5 on a 8m hose so the unit doesn't move. The clip is just not good enough although it was a cheap fix
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    Incontinent Karcher K4 (and fixes)...

    I had this issue, added a cable tie which is holding well
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    Budget Wet Vac

    I know you say it's ancient but have you tried to source a new clip from the likes of eSpares?
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    Decent garden hose for use with PW ?

    Bought from Amazon, they are not branded but prefer them to the plastic type. Bought the normal and flow stop ones (handy when changing attachments or whilst setting up), if you want the stop type then these dont work on the tap end (due to being one way flow) so need both types. Search for...
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    Decent garden hose for use with PW ?

    Use a Hozelock Tricoflex Ultramax Hose with brass connectors:thumbs up:
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    Power Washer Recommendations

    I am sure most will use a patio attachment like the Karcher t-racer. Are you referring to this? I too have acres of hard surface to clean each year how do you go about doing this yourself?
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    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Good work, can we see the stockpiling of Peroni in the door reflection :sign yum:
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    Main dealer car washing sign

    There is no guarantee mind. I have often thought about printing the above on A4 card, laminating it then punching a hole through it to use as a keyring when taking my car in for service. But I am not sure some would even take note of that...
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    Best Wax for Brilliant Black

    If you were happy with results on you A4 with Angelwax then why not try that. Then if your not happy with it give something else a go.
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    Restoring Worn Leather Seat Edge
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    Snow foam gun/lance recommendations

    Recommend the short trigger from in2detailing cracking bit of kit :icon thumright: So long 40 quid!!
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    Snow foam gun/lance recommendations

    It doesn't fit my previous direct hoses bottle, not tried any others
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    Snow foam gun/lance recommendations

    Another vote for Autobrite, dont think I would try anything else
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    Best cleaner for stain in the cup holders

    You can take the "rubber material" out of the Audi's I have owned. If you dare feel around the lower side of the cup holder for a tab sticking up. It looks like its in the right one in your photo between 4 and 5 o'clock. If successful, maybe send it off to Oxford University for them to check...
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    Replenishing Cracked Leather

    Check out colourlock, you can get everything from them and get a dye to match.
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    Black Wheels - First Clean Before Sealing - Advice Needed

    Now I do like that, really nice mate. Looking forward to more of your detailing shots :icon thumright:
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    Wheel Woolies

    I keep seeing these and others recommending them, look great and I kinda want them too just because well why not....
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    Wheel Woolies

    You wont regret, I asked these nice people the same question, angled is a must. I think the little one needs a longer handle but a small gripe. The grips are great, need a one for my angled brush. Check my thread out and take note of the tyre brush, I had to get one from in2detailing due to...
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    Side skirt gunk

    You could try to just use your WD40 to remove the glue residue.