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  1. Ollie2014

    My S3 stolen last night...beware!!!!

    When I had my car stolen(Civic Type R) a few years ago it was the first car I had with GAP insurance.My car was 2 months old and my insurance company paid me out almost £4000 less than I paid ,luckily the GAP I took paid the difference.Now I don't want to put you off but I said to myself I am...
  2. Ollie2014

    S3 stolen Lastnight

    I thought that mate but when it happened to me there was four of them in my home at 2 a.m in the morning and to be fair didn't really know what going on.A 7 and a 3 year upstairs and four lads hooded and armed I let them go and rang the police straight away.They obviously panicked though because...
  3. Ollie2014

    S3 stolen Lastnight

    Totally agree with you Scotty because when this happened to me I found out it was one of my bin men and his mates who did it.They crashed my car within a mile of my home and when I went to court I told the police that I recognised the bin man and we also had a lot of fraud committed towards us...
  4. Ollie2014

    Not Happy

    I agree but are you going to go to the nest of every bird that does it's business on your car or the council because there is salt on it after the gritter has been out.If the cars stayed clean then we wouldn't have the pleasure of cleaning them.
  5. Ollie2014

    Where the hell is the BCM?

    Magaluf :laughing:
  6. Ollie2014


    Think about what you have typed.The 3 cylinder engine will weigh significantly less than the 4 cylinder engine thus making the car lighter.
  7. Ollie2014

    Whose had a payout on GAP insurance?

    I have just bought 123 gap with my new car but around 10 years ago had my new car stolen.I had the car for two months and my insurance company offered me an absolute derogatory offer but would not budge luckily I had gap through Honda and there was absolutely no quibble back to the invoice...