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  1. MrLapou

    Jacking points A3 / S3

    Save your money...Do not need pads. All that is required is a block of wood that sits behind and proud of the seam. 30mm x30mm x 150mm. Used this method many times on Mk5 and 7 Golf plus 8P A3.
  2. MrLapou

    Fog light bulb change, anyone?

    Bulbs should be no more the 4k colour temp to match the xenon headlight colour. Higher, and lamp will start to develop have a blue ting.
  3. MrLapou

    1.2 TFSI vs 1.4 TFSI

    Audi did choose to use the 1.4TFSi in the eTron for good reason.. Work it out.
  4. MrLapou

    Jacking points A3 / S3

    Try this link. Albeit for the MK7 Golf, I believe it applies to the A3 which both share the MQB chassiss. Click Here
  5. MrLapou

    Remote entry?

    not problem on my key less entry car as I've added a ODB2 port security cover which locks in place.
  6. MrLapou

    Great value?

    No reason why an S3 oil change should be that different. OK sump requires 5.7 litres. IMHO... Rip off. With car ramp, both filter changes should take no longer than 30mins. In fact access to pollen filter is so much easier than previous A3.
  7. MrLapou

    Poor DAB signal

    Aerial's ground needs be firmly connected to car's metal work. Not sure how one can check that without taking head unit out.
  8. MrLapou

    Sunroof rattle

    Around the rails and inner trim. Be sure to cover the seats with a cloth to avoid them being sprayed to. Then cycle the roof fully a few times.
  9. MrLapou

    Sunroof rattle

    Nice helping of silicone spray would fix mine.
  10. MrLapou

    Nice weather = more mobile speed traps

    My gripe, too many in car gadgets and phone distract drivers.. So lower speed limits may be a hidden bonus...
  11. MrLapou

    S3 - Understeering in wet

    Potenza S1 work exceptionally well.
  12. MrLapou

    Year old S3 value!

    Yes you did. Was only trying to give advice. No offence taken. I had a demo in fairly high spec S3 s-tronic via JTC600 on Lincoln. Mental car to drive and exhaust noise in sports mode was well wicked... Found steering too light, auto main beam too slow to react, lane assist distracting, Tpms...
  13. MrLapou

    Year old S3 value!

    Check out the Golf R... might be better value for money. I think S3's will be thin on the ground and costly. Almost makes one buy a brand new one from a broker, with hefty discount.
  14. MrLapou

    Nice weather = more mobile speed traps

    Do the crime... face the fine...
  15. MrLapou

    Jacking points A3 / S3

    I used a wooden block slightly higher than the seam and placed it in board next to it where the triangles indicators are. Lifted car on a soft pad fitted to the trolley jack. Same principle as used on the 8P.
  16. MrLapou

    Boot Air Conditioned?

    Simple position change of a 20amp fuse behind the glove box will ensure the 12v sockets remain powered on when ignition is off.
  17. MrLapou

    keyless entry

    I have sold up and join the GTI Club. Yes car has Kessy... So thought I'd ask you guys who are on the ball.. If it wasn't already fitted to the car, I personally would not bother with it. However the ACC is worth a shout once you've got used to it. Very impressive if coupled to the S-Tronic.DGS...
  18. MrLapou

    keyless entry

    cool, Found this great video which explains it all .......... Keyless Entry
  19. MrLapou

    keyless entry

    Okay, I've read the hand book which is rubbish... Can some kind person explain how to lock / unlock car without key. I've walked away from the car and returned without key in pocket, to find it was still unlocked!!!!
  20. MrLapou

    S3 wicked

    Not sure as yet... early days.. DEF NOT going the BMW route......