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  1. Ollie2014

    Show Us Your Snow Foam Pics

    Yes this one
  2. Ollie2014

    Show Us Your Snow Foam Pics

    Here's mine from yesterday Magifoam and Autobrite Lance.I still need to get used to it but it worked well.
  3. Ollie2014

    Who recommended Citrus pre-wash?

    I use waterless cleaner for the door shuts they come up great.
  4. Ollie2014

    Who recommended Citrus pre-wash?

    I used my Valet pro pre wash on Saturday and blamed my Karcher snow foamer for the poor performance so have ordered a Autobrite gun but reading this makes me think it is the Valet pro pre wash is not so clever.Each time I have used it as per instructions it is like and just falls off the...
  5. Ollie2014

    Snow Foam

    I am probably doing it wrong then :tearsofjoy: although I have the attachment that connects to the lance.I am using valet pro foam and have mixed as per the instructions but it is like p..s and no cling to the car whatsoever.
  6. Ollie2014

    Snow Foam

    Just ordered via the link above.I have the Karcher standard foamer at the moment but it is useless hope this does the job.
  7. Ollie2014

    Mini Review - Nanolex Pure Shampoo

    I have used this shampoo myself,bought from apm customs on a open day and was highly recommended by them.I have since run out and will be purchasing some more now you have given it a thumbs up also.
  8. Ollie2014

    Detail on Rs 6

    Anyone watched this it is impressive.
  9. Ollie2014

    Audi s5 paint correction

    Wow what a great job.
  10. Ollie2014

    Auto finesse iron out contaminate remover

    If you click on the link and read the description it does say it is for removing the bits of metal that come of brake discs and contaminate paint on vehicles.I could do with some myself I was wondering what the little rust spots were.
  11. Ollie2014

    Getting stains off cloth seats?

    I have been married 21 years now so haven't got a clue.
  12. Ollie2014

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    I'll check Rick's Audi Double out matt.
  13. Ollie2014

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    Hi Scotty the company that did the demo said in the future they will be doing classes on polishing and detailing and to be fair it did look easy but on your own car its a different story.The guy doing the demo actually said the DA won't burn the paint and most people are moving away from rotary...
  14. Ollie2014

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    Not bought today but used today,nanolex pure shampoo and a reep wash mitt.The mitt is superb and the shampoo is quality,combined they seem really smooth.Bought them from APM customs at Deeside after they had given a free DA polishing demo on saturday but i'm not ready for that yet best left for...
  15. Ollie2014

    Removing parking ticket glue from windscreen

    Autoglym tar spot remover or a acetone free nail polish remover.
  16. Ollie2014

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    Removed my wheels today and given them a good clean but i had trouble removing the old wheel balance weight sticky pads.I scraped them with a plastic bicycle tyre lever and then used tar remover to remove the glue residue.The wheels have come up great but it was so time consuming so hats off to...
  17. Ollie2014

    Audi-Sport Offer from Slim's

    Just ordered some valetpro snow foam and autoglym tar remover from slims website. Run out of the tar remover whilst cleaning my alloys had to remove the old balance weight sticky pads what a nightmare but the wheels look great now.
  18. Ollie2014

    Brand New Audi R8 V10 Plus Nardo Grey Detail

    Great how you can shine primer :grinning:
  19. Ollie2014

    Looks like smoke on cars paintwork

    Hi Scotty just a little update on what I think may have caused the smoke effect on my car bodywork.I have a thread on the 8p section showing my rather worn tyres so I think they were disintegrating on the rolling road session I had the other week.With the car being inside and a big fan blowing I...
  20. Ollie2014

    Looks like smoke on cars paintwork

    Hi scotty I have just cleaned the car with tar remover and re-washed and dried with micro fibre towel and it looks good now.Thanks for advice,was going to polish it but it looks like it may rain before I get finished but at least the grime is now off.