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  1. rowdyboy

    Millteks with Rusty Tailpipe Interiors

    Just a little addition and I know it doesn't help your problem but stainless doesn't corrode. So either it's not a stainless exhaust or it's some sort of deposit that can be removed with autosol.
  2. rowdyboy

    Silver roof rails need some attention - photo's included

    Mate, I've already told you what to use to bring them back to looking like new.
  3. rowdyboy

    Viro-sol...Wheel cleaning....

    You may aswell use what you've got
  4. rowdyboy

    Viro-sol...Wheel cleaning....

    Wonder wheels will shift it, but dont leave it on long at all, 30 secs, and make sure you rinse it thouroughly before a good layer of protection. It might take a couple of coats but its better a couple of coats for a short time than leaving it on for too long. After you've protected properly...
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    There's loads of different fabric cleaners around and not everyone has got a wetvax!!! I used to use Autoglym upholstery cleaner which was ok, with a damp sponge or microfibre cloth. Unfortunately, there's not a cheap way to do an initial clean on alloys, without using an acidic cleaner. It's...
  7. rowdyboy

    Best wax for Iron grey?

    +1 on the Werkstat, amazing stuff and really easy to use.
  8. rowdyboy

    Preventing the cat next door from ................ !!

    I'm far from sensitive matey, I just don't like being edited by someone who obviously can't see this thread for what it is, a bit of humour. Maybe you need a bit of help seeing that. I cant actually see why it was "off topic"
  9. rowdyboy

    Preventing the cat next door from ................ !!

    How come my similar comment has been removed? It was neither offensive or promoted cruelty. Has freedom to express an opinion or point of view been stopped????
  10. rowdyboy

    Silver roof rails need some attention - photo's included

    £15 for some cleaner that'll bring them up like new or £££££ for new rails!!! Difficult decision! Cabbyfan - they are different to the roof rails and from reading other threads, the only fix is replacing them unfortunately.
  11. rowdyboy

    Silver roof rails need some attention - photo's included

    I would think if Audi owned it, the paintwork has not been looked after properly at all. Look at some of the threads showing how much people have to correct main dealers poor cleaning techniques. If they are lacquered, wire wool certainly isn't going to help!!
  12. rowdyboy

    Silver roof rails need some attention - photo's included

    You need the normal or the strong prime, either will do. The bottles are only 500ml. It's a cleanser/cleaner that will clean your rails and paintwork up. I personally use Werkstat acrylic on top as the prime cleans the surface and doesn't give protection. I'm not sure if the zymol will bond...
  13. rowdyboy

    Silver roof rails need some attention - photo's included

    DONT USE WIRE WOOL!!! Use some Werkstat prime, it'll clean them up like new. Google it to find your local stockist.
  14. rowdyboy

    Noob Detailing Fail

    I have dolphin grey and use the Werkstat acrylic kit. I posted some pics on here a while ago, if you search through, you'll find them. Nothing sticks to my paint, the pressure washer removes everything, including bugs. The kit comes with a paint cleaner/primer and a post wash detail/top up...
  15. rowdyboy

    BLACKFIRE Deep Gloss Spray Sealant

    If you're after a sealant on it's own, I mean not to put on top of another product, I couldn't recommend the werkstat acrylic kit highly enough. I applied it last year and have topped up with the glos QD 4 - 5 times since then and water still beads as good as when it was first done. I also use...
  16. rowdyboy

    Cleaning exhausts, best product/process?

    Autosol, a rough polishing cloth and elbow grease. Mine came up like new.
  17. rowdyboy

    Autosmart Tardis

    You definitely need to use a proper wheel cleaner first, tardis won't remove brake dust residue.
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    Jimmp - "till you can HEAR a swirling sound"!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!
  19. rowdyboy

    Your favourite wax?

    Another vote for werkstatt, I got amazing results on my reflex silver golf.
  20. rowdyboy

    detailing virgin any help?

    The megs clay kit will be fine mate, it's all down to personal taste really. Yes, you do need a lance attachment for the snowfoam.