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  1. Northampton_ofn

    Northampton OFN's project thread

    I've pulled the trigger and got an 80,000 mile B6 S4 therefore this project and most of the equipment fitted is now for sale! Gutted to see it go but I've got big plans for the V8!
  2. Northampton_ofn

    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Brake tidy up, fitted powdercoated guards, polished star bolts and anti rattle clips whilst off the car. Also gave all the painted surfaces a couple of coats of turtle wax
  3. Northampton_ofn

    Dan's A4 Cabriolet build thread

    Lovely as always Dan. What site are you using to host your pics mate, as the loss of photobucket has killed my project thread. You at AITP10?
  4. Northampton_ofn

    Problems tracking after track rod fitted

    You can't track the car on the drive-way in the air J_sharples, The toe is always going to change as the suspension leg moves up and down due to the distance between the steering rack and where the track rod meets the leg increasing/decreasing. Before you get new suspension, try letting the...
  5. Northampton_ofn

    A/S4 B6 chassis, for sale / classifieds links

    I have a full grey set of Sport seats and matching door cards to give away in Northampton. Rear door cards are electric window type. - FREE Also have a standard set of rear pads (new) for 245mm discs. Come new in the box with grease - £10 Got nearly new PCV and injection pump one-way valves -...
  6. Northampton_ofn

    Front subframe alignment tool tip

    Gotta love those German Engineers!
  7. Northampton_ofn

    Front subframe alignment tool tip

    QC, really interested in this, steering has never really quite felt right since I had the sump off. What do you mean though, by factory wheel brace? Any pics of tool or alignment holes. Seems strange that they'd slot the bolt holes and then use a tool.
  8. Northampton_ofn

    1.8t Cabrio K04 turbo upgrade (not the usual rubbish ones)

    And a pic cos everyone loves turbo p•rn
  9. Northampton_ofn

    1.8t Cabrio K04 turbo upgrade (not the usual rubbish ones)

    Been running the turbo on stock tune and injectors for quite a while now. Albeit with the BEX secondary intercooler, enlarged silicone TIP, panel filter and 2.0T coil packs. I believe this is very much a plug and play turbo however (obviously) for maximum gains I'd say you're looking at the...
  10. Northampton_ofn

    Replacing engine mounts....DIY job?

    8EO199379AF is left hand non-wired 8E0199379E is right hand wired Check your left hand mount before removal, if it has the sensor/solenoid wiring present then you need two of the 8E0199379E
  11. Northampton_ofn

    1.8T 190 Misfire... What coils to upgrade to?

    I got the R8 coils and instantly felt a smoother curve through the higher rev range but to be fair the coils I removed were ancient. If you go for the R8/2.0TFSI coil upgrade you need the adapter plates as they're a bit longer (hence the claimed extra punch) and the plates helps locate them...
  12. Northampton_ofn

    New wheels help please! Le Mans 19"

    10mm all round will be fine. I was just giving you the spacing that would fill the arches evenly. I'm not sure you can get 10mm spacers for our cars actually as I seem to recall trying once, they don't make the hub-centric ones as there wouldn't be enough material left for any strength due to...
  13. Northampton_ofn

    New wheels help please! Le Mans 19"

    You want 235 tyres all round, 5mm spacers front and 10mm rear for normal fitment A more aggressive fitment would be 15mm spacers front and 25 rear
  14. Northampton_ofn

    CV joint replacement advice and other recommendations?

    Careful where you go for your gkn's, I asked for gkn in GSF's and they tried to fob me off with some rubbish which I checked online and it had terrible reviews for failures. They were called GS-P IIRC
  15. Northampton_ofn

    Dan's A4 Cabriolet build thread

    I hope so mate, can't justify it at the moment but one day! So is it 3" all the way from the turbo to the split?
  16. Northampton_ofn

    Dan's A4 Cabriolet build thread

    Lovely job there Dan, so jealous!
  17. Northampton_ofn

    Gearbox options - planning to go quattro

    I haven't yet mate. To be honest I'm not looking yet because I don't have time to do all the work for a while. I've also been offered a company car which I'm seriously considering taking. It would mean taking all the pressure off the B6 which I could then garage and take my time with the...