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  1. gussyldr

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.
  2. gussyldr

    Pcv delete.

    Yep vent to atmosphere v easy to fit
  3. gussyldr

    Pcv delete.

    I've fitted this along with carbon clean hopefully it stays clean plus my car also seems to run smoother
  4. gussyldr

    Pcv delete. This ones a full pcv delete
  5. gussyldr

    Garage recommendations (London)

    Anyone recommend a garage to fit my coilovers and superpro bushes in London need them on asap
  6. gussyldr

    How high is your mileage?

    2005 a3 2.0tfsi 92k k04 conversion
  7. gussyldr

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Might be of use to someone not mine doe S3/3.2v6/r32 front calipers £200
  8. gussyldr

    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    '][/URL] Any a3s or s3s with these golf r wheels?
  9. gussyldr

    Heater not blowing out hot air at 25 degrees :s

    Mine does this as well Same car cold air at 25 degrees very weird
  10. gussyldr

    Need some help

    This? If so that's connected also forgot to add some water dropped in the connection I posted earlier?
  11. gussyldr

    Need some help

    I have a a3 2.0tfsi I've done a k04 conversion all was fine until I decided to fit an s3 cooler (my self) after looking at some guides thinking it can't be that hard so two days ago I fitted the cooler it's definitely not a one person job anyway every thing was going good till the end when I...
  12. gussyldr

    Boost pipe

    Bit to far for me am in London thanks for the advice doe
  13. gussyldr

    S line rear end

    You'll need the bumper from a 2008 or 2009 on I've done mine I used a 2009 bumper
  14. gussyldr

    S3 Cam follower

    Try this guide
  15. gussyldr

    Boost pipe

    Am just about to go check everything is on properly now How much is a leak test do you know where I could get this done?
  16. gussyldr

    Boost pipe

    I've installed my s3 cooler today (the longest 5hrs of my life) but my engine and epc light is on will a hole or loose boost pipe cause this to happen and also there's no power?
  17. gussyldr

    Black Audi badges

    How does every one stick them I got mine off eBay and a couple days after fitting it started to unstick?
  18. gussyldr

    Dsg owners help

    I read somewhere that they shift early to save fuel not to sure if they learn your driving style S will make it hold the revs longer
  19. gussyldr

    Dsg owners help

    I would get that checked out mate I've just had to fix my dsg box real headache I also had a 3.2 a3 dsg box go aswell and it ain't cheap when it does if I could change to a manual I would but love the sound of the dsg when changing gear lol