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  1. Alex Ward

    What time to arrive?

    Afternoon folks. Im bringing the other half and the sprogs in the cabby on Sunday and hoping to park by the stand. Just wondered what time is best to arrive? Im driving from Bedfordshire so I'm only an hour away? I don't want to be too early or too late lol. Cheers guys
  2. Alex Ward

    Attendee list Aitp9 13th August 2017 Dene Park, Corby, Northamptonshire

    1. Administrators 2. Jg51 Audi - John + Ryan 3. Macdoon -Mac 4. 5. Chris Wheatcroft 6. MattSedg 7. Smokeymike 8. TonyH38 9. RAF_S7 10. DJAlix 11.Audispy 12. Mark_86 -Mark 13.drewz2514 14. Tyler Davies 15. Rob2k68 16. 15Degrees and the race car 17. S3Jackson 18. BibbsOnTour - Ben (me) + Luke 19...
  3. Alex Ward

    aitp9 August 13th 2017 Deene Park, Corby, Northamptonshire (Discussion Thread)

    Just booked my tickets!!! Bringing the missus and the sprogs. Hopefully the weather will hold out to get the roof down. See you all at the stand..........