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    Michelin PS3 review, not sure it suits the S3!

    I was thinking the same thing, the mixed tyres may not be helping and is not recommended on haldex equipped cars
  2. J

    S3 Owners with H & R Anti-Roll Bars

    I run hard settings front and rear, with the H&R ARB's and coilovers and its very sure footed but can be provoked into a bit of oversteer when conditions allow
  3. J

    S3 OEM air feed piping spare anyone?

    yes certainly am, which bits are you looking for exactly the duct that bolts to the grill??, and where are you based?
  4. J

    S3 OEM air feed piping spare anyone?

    you still looking for the intake duct pal, I've got one here you can have for the postage or you can collect if your local
  5. J

    Engine almost done, now for styling...

    the MTM's aren't as heavy as people make out, don't get me wrong they aren't lightweight wheels, they were 1kg heavier than stock, but bearing in mind they are 1 inch wider and 1 inch bigger I don't think thats to bad and they do look the nuts. The CK's are lighter than stock 18's and you can...
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    Engine almost done, now for styling...

    There you go pal, a couple of mine to help u make your mind up MTM's last year CK's this year
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    Anyone go Speedline Corse Turini's?

    If you ring the places selling the anthracite turini's, Larkspeed and Rimstyle IIRC they will tell you the same thing
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    Anyone go Speedline Corse Turini's?

    Speedline told me they don't actually produce the turini's in anthracite even though they are advertised at various places, the fit for the A3/S3 is ET42 so thay fill the arches very well
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    Please help name the non standard parts of my engine from these pictures?

    I think number 2 is a damper for the boost gauge to stop the needle fluttering, and my first thoughts for that extra hose was twintercooler
  10. J

    flywheel question

    there is no such thing as an OE Sachs flywheel I'm sure, I've done a lot of digging and can't find anything. There are plenty of lads running the uprated Sachs clutch with a new dual mass flywheel and they seem to be holding out. This is the route I'm going very shortly
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    19" RS4's, Votex Lip Fitted

    looks spot-on, nice 1!
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    S3 Clutch Slip Poll

    Mapped since 800 miles, now 23k, stg2+ for last 10k clutch just started to slip
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    Cheap coilovers vs springs

    I've used H&R springs and they are very good, but I've just fitted some AP coilovers and for the money they are brilliant, the ride quality is very good and the handling is spot-on
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    Audi S3 uprated clutch

    is this part deffo the same item, its a really good price
  15. J

    S3 , H&R SPRINGS

    they honestly ride better than stock pal, much more controlled
  16. J

    New rimmage

    225/35/19 Mich PS2's
  17. J

    New rimmage

    I prefer these one's TBH
  18. J

    My new S.Blue S3!!

    cheers will have a look