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  1. rowdyboy

    performance deisel

    Not sure about those figures mate, its good but its not magic!!! You dont get the extra economy if you use the extra power. Ive noticed extra pull with mine but economy is negligable, it only really makes a difference if im taking it steady
  2. rowdyboy


    To be honest i just used autoglym paint renovator to clean my tips, then put normal polish on them. Any soot just washes off now. Metal polish is available from polished bliss on this forum or Autoglym and meguiars metal polish is available from car spares shops. If you get some on now while...
  3. rowdyboy


    Hey Dazmo, you don't need to bother with WD-40 or Vaseline. If you use a metal sealer/polish they will not rust at all (stainless does not rust anyway). You will keep the look of the car and they will only need polishing every couple of months. What's the point of spending the money then...
  4. rowdyboy

    What remap??

    Nice one mate, im over there quite a bit seeing mates. I might see you floating around some time.
  5. rowdyboy

    What remap??

    Cheers for the info and the offer mate, im not quite ready to have it done yet though but its definitely one for the future and a personal reccomendation is always best. Where are you located Dazmo?
  6. rowdyboy


    I know its a long shot but i had a similar problem on a previous non Audi car. I eventually found that one of the ABS sensor mounting bracket bolts had sheared, allowing the bracket + sensor to wedge against the hub. It was not obvious at all to look at and took ages to work out. The noise it...
  7. rowdyboy

    Brake Lines

    That price doesnt seem to bad mate, ive known people pay a lot more for braided hoses on scoobies and other cars.
  8. rowdyboy

    performance deisel

    :jump:I fill up with shell performance diesel, it does seem to make a difference. If you have just had yours remapped you might not notice as much as it will feel different to you anyway. Try it in a few months when you have got "used" to the extra power, you should feel a significant...
  9. rowdyboy

    Grooving standard discs.

    Go for it mate, it seems a reasonable price
  10. rowdyboy

    What remap??

    Dazmo, where abouts in Loughborough is he. Its quite local to me so would be interested.
  11. rowdyboy

    TDI Reliability

    If you look after it properly, you should have no probs at all but like everything there are no guarantees. My mate had a petrol 1.8t with 156.000 mls on the clock, he never had to spend a penny on it and it still drove almost like new. My A4 has 85000 mls and so far (touch wood) has never...
  12. rowdyboy

    EGR Valve and Engine Breather

    How do you clean the EGR, is it a simple DIY job? Can you do it manually or with a cleaner additive?