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    Tyre pressures after new alloys

    My 2018 S3 has the same label
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    bye bye google satellite overlay

    Audi updated my S3 under warranty today and satellite maps are now listed rather than google under map options. Took 2 hours to run the update
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    Unplugging S3 Exhaust valves

    Yea I used these before I realised I could code them open with obd11. Produced no fault code
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    ODB11 S3 Throttle Response

    I changed mine 18 months ago, not through the app but long coding. Transformed my 310fl. Hated the dead pedal
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    Moving to the dark side

    I’m ashamed to say, as much as I hated it a couple of months ago when I first saw pics, I think a m440i will be my next car. The 340 drivetrain and interior I want, with a coupe body the wife wants. And weirdly I’m looking at the front quite liking it for some strange reason ?!
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    Tyre recommendation

    £110 a tyre fitted for the ao versions was the best I could previously find
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    Tyre recommendation

    Are yours also the AO versions ? now I’ve done 100 miles or so I can say that grip is a good chunk better than the p zeros. Low speed fast direction changes no longer under steer. Steering feels good now pressures have been adjusted. Only negatives are the ride is much firmer than before and...
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    Moving to the dark side

    After years of Audis and VW's before them, I'll be trying a BMW next time around. Not keen on Audis new designs, a1/a3/q3 etc and especially disappointed with the interior quality of the new s3. BMW seem to be the only manufacturer who cover the exterior paint colour from the interior door...
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    Tyre recommendation

    I’ve finally made the change. Went with assymetrical 5’s as I felt like they were the perfect compromise between performance and wear rate. Usually have a bad tyre fitting experience with alloy damage, poor balancing etc but tried Costco this time around as all 4 were fitted for £265. 45 mins...
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    Tyre recommendation

    Is it really bad or just not massive like the p zeros ? how is steering feel? how is the ride? And how is fuel consumption ? appreciate the feedback!!
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    Tyre recommendation

    Anyone tried ao fitment f1 supersports yet? £87 on black circles fitted at the moment
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    Tyre recommendation

    Yea PS4s not available in 18” unfortunately. Goodyear do the supersport in 18” though which is apparently right up there with the PS4s but brings harsher ride and less mileage. I can’t find any feedback of people running them on s3’s as they are too new.
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    Tyre recommendation

    nero gt aren’t the ultra performance that come on the 8v S3 so probably why you notice the wet performance difference as they are only b rated I’ll probably stick with the p zeros after reading this test on a similar platform car...
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    Don't buy new cars if you love sporty racy sounding exhausts

    mine was registered august 31st 2018 (so must be one of the last 310 models). The last day before it had to be scrapped. Anything from 1st September had to have the filter. 23k and the exhaust gets louder and louder
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    Tyre recommendation

    how is steering feel. The tests I’ve seen say that the PS4 are best for grip but have pretty rubbish steering feel. Apparently soft side walls which is why they ride well? Love the meaty feeling of the p zeros. They also do a Audi version of the Goodyear f1 supersport which is only 68db
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    Tyre recommendation

    yes. Fronts are down to 2.5-3mm and rears down to 2-2.5mm. Just read the evo tyre test and the p zeros won by a big margin so might just replace like for like as I’ve been really impressed with them
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    Tyre recommendation

    I’m in exactly the same boat. Original p zeros are dead now at 22k so need to sort in next week or 2. Audi specific p zeros get bigger rim protection and lower road noise. Wondering if the same can be said of ao Goodyear’s. The lower road noise is accurate as its 68db vs 71 of the none Audi...
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    Tyre life on an S3.

    Just about to hit 20k on the original Pirelli’s. Must be my driving style but rears always wear slightly quicker on my last 3 quattros. Not much but fronts are just over 3mm, rears sat around 2.5mm
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    S3 vandalism

    how did it turn out ?
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    New Audi S3 FL Dash Buzz

    could I ask how you removed the vents? I will give this a go the weekend