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  1. Alex Ward

    MFSW buttons not working but horn is!

    Morning guys. Drove the car yesterday and this morning, and have noticed my steering wheel controls for stereo volume etc are not working but the horn is!!! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Alex Ward

    Rear Sway Bar Upgrade

    Cheers mate. I’ll have a butchers
  3. Alex Ward

    Rear Sway Bar Upgrade

    Where did you get it from mate. I’m interested in one for my cabby.
  4. Alex Ward

    Illuminated Goodies!

    Did you get your grille out without removing the bumper?
  5. Alex Ward

    A4b7 with Passat calipers

    2008 onwards S5 V8 discs go straight on with no fettling on the 18Z setup. I know cos I’ve done it :wink:
  6. Alex Ward

    Wheel Opinions

    Very tidy
  7. Alex Ward

    Xenon Headlights Steamed Up

    Evening folks. As the title says, my factory xenon headlights are steamed up after using the car earlier!! I haven't used the car for a while as its my second car and my toy, so its a once a fortnight thing at the min. The passenger side one is worse with beads of condensation by the indicator...
  8. Alex Ward

    Pics of sline with lowering springs and b5 perches wanted

    What about a cabby picture thread!!!?????? :grimacing: They made a Cabriolet too you know you lot............ :tonguewink:
  9. Alex Ward

    2.0tdi fuel consumption

    I love my modded diesel. Yes it doesn’t sound like a stonking big V8, but with the stuff I’ve dont to mine, it sounds great and turns loads of heads! And goes like stink.
  10. Alex Ward

    2.0tdi fuel consumption

    My cabby is a DIESEL with BBS rims, Brembo brakes, Recaro seats and various engine and other modifications, which incidentally, I’ve done since I got the car, but clearly I’m not a car enthusiast!!!!!.................. Above pics clearly show that I’m not an enthusiast! oh and I average between...
  11. Alex Ward

    TDI DECAT!!!

    Had my cat gutted. Results were superb.
  12. Alex Ward

    Wheel query..... how much.....?

    I got £500 for my 18” titanium finish ones off my Final Edition Cabby about 6 months ago.
  13. Alex Ward


    My Cabby started as a 140. Fitted a K&N panel filter, It’s had the cat gutted, egr delete, custom made straight through cat back exhaust with no silencers and dyno’d custom map. ****** things amazing now. Sounds pretty good under load for an old oil burner too lol. It surprises a lot of so...
  14. Alex Ward

    Show me your stance

    Looking awesome mate. Love the rims. Perfect for your car. Can’t wait to get Air Ride on my cabby. Spent so much on mine recently, need to sell my children lol. Where did you get yours done? Are you putting stretched tyres on?
  15. Alex Ward

    A question for those with upgraded brakes (pad sensor)

    I’ve got Brembos. I used B7 RS4 pad wear sensors. You can get them from eBay. They’re not expensive. Works a treat.
  16. Alex Ward

    They’re in........

    Cheers bud
  17. Alex Ward

    They’re in........

    Thanks for all the great comments guys :sm4:
  18. Alex Ward

    They’re in........

    They’re non heated as my OEM seats weren’t heated. The runners are Recaro as well. Had to order those separately. They were a pig to put together and fit tbh. The seats came in at £1800 ish and the runners were roughly £600 for the two. Expensive but worth it. They feel really special.
  19. Alex Ward

    They’re in........

    Thanks mate. No they’re not RS4 seats. They’re Recaro Expert L’s! They’re not Audi Recaro’s. A lot of people put Audi Recaro’s in their car, I wanted to be a bit different and go for non Audi seats.
  20. Alex Ward

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Fitted some Recaro’s. Technically did it Sunday lol