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  1. naughts4187

    58 Plate A4 1.8T Saloon MPG

    I got 38 coming home last night on a 30 min run, A roads all the way back in mine. However around town it's anything from 14mpg to 25 depending on traffic. When it's cold it seems to burn fuel for fun, had 9mpg one morning as I spent most of the journey in 1st gear.
  2. naughts4187

    Endless Niggles on my Black Edition Avant...

    Hello All I'm beginning to get sick of my A4, only had it since March but it's driving me mad with really silly and annoying niggles. Has anyone else had these or am I really unlucky? Firstly I would like to point out that Audi replaced the whole MMI joystick unit in the centre console because...
  3. naughts4187

    LED Number Plate Lights

    Thanks mate that's a great help. I've ordered some. Many thanks
  4. naughts4187

    Playing DVDs on Tech Pack High MMI?

    I have literally gone out to my car in the pouring rain with a DVD to try this! It does work, I couldn't get my iPod to play them through the AMI but now I'm happy. I would like to know this Vehicle in Motion Tweak too..... driving to France in the summer with my brother and one can drive...
  5. naughts4187

    LED Number Plate Lights

    I recently bought some LED number plate lights, including holders and resistors from to match my old BMW 3 Series, and they don't fit the Audi loom. Has anyone done this easy mod and where did they buy their bulbs or SMD holders from? Many thanks in advance.
  6. naughts4187

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Hello Everyone, I'm not exactly new as I had a 2006 A3 S-Line about 3 years ago. Since then I had a 320d M sport Coupe 2009 and now I picked up my 6 month old A4 Black Edition from my friends at Harrogate. I had it a week and it had to go back for a rattle, but now it's back its had a full...
  7. naughts4187

    1.8TFSI 170 Engine? What's it like?

    Ive got the 2011 160ps and it's actually faster than my previous 320d M Sport 177... The 1.8t was a good choice for me as it kept car tax lower than 2.0t and a bluefin will take it over 200ps. i find lower end a bit sluggish but once in 2nd 3rd gear it pulls just as well as the 2.0. I also get...
  8. naughts4187

    Smell when AC turned on

    It is caused by either a brand new re gassing in a used car or lack of use, which happened in my 56 a3, stunk for about a year, but you must use the air con. Turning it off will only make the problem worse. I left mine on and running on ice cold when I cleaned the car one day and it really...
  9. naughts4187

    Leaked Official Audi RS4 Photos

    finally some different wheels and not the same old re-churned lot from the past 6 years...
  10. naughts4187

    Audi A4 2012 Black Edition

    You're looking at 10 to 12 weeks at present. There's a shortage of engine blocks. Audi had to take 15,000 units from Seat this year so it's even longer for Seat this year.