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  1. alex13p

    Aftermarket sub & amp

    How did you manage to find that?! I've got a A6 Avant, C6(4F), preface lift, S Line.. How about you? Does your diagram have model numbers? Is there different model amps? Thanks skandz
  2. alex13p

    Aftermarket sub & amp

    Amazing work skandz... Sounds interesting.. I've got the amp and sub ready to go from my old car...I actually have two amps to chose from... Is AndyMac a user on here? If I have good instructions I am happy to give it a go and take photos and make a guide
  3. alex13p

    Amplifier location A6 C6 facelift.?

    There must be someone who has installed an aftermarket amp?
  4. alex13p

    Aftermarket sub & amp

    I'm also looking for a solution for this, i just want to add a sub. I'm not looking fo Hi-Fi sound quality, I just want more bass for my dance music. I don't see adding power lines as a problem, just a fiddly case of getting the power through the car. The problem is finding the audio and were to...