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  1. AndymacA4

    Anyone regret changing their car

    My number plate reads VX51CKY One of the people I work with suggested it might be worth a few bob. VV51CKY is worth £2200! What do you think? Worth paying the enquiry fee of £20 to find a current market value? I'd need to buy another plate to repalce it if I sold it which would eat a fair...
  2. AndymacA4

    I dare anyone to not be impressed by this guy

    That is utterly bonkers! Excellent balance. The first one is better, the second is ruin by the music which is just noise!
  3. AndymacA4

    How to post a reply/thread without duplicating

    Yep, just managed this! Silly bug. Very frustrating.
  4. AndymacA4

    Car servicing in Peterborough

    Hi all, just a bit of a heads up and some praise. I had my Audi A4 B6 1.8T fully serviced 2 weeks ago. The garage in Question were Monarch Automotive in Peterborough I asked them to do a full 80K service on my car with some other bits and pieces above...
  5. AndymacA4

    Seriously considering a Jag!

    Just found the ad on auto trader for it. Have a look, love the colour...
  6. AndymacA4

    Seriously considering a Jag!

    At the weekend, I went to see a nice P plate Jaguar XK8. It was seriously tempting. It was up at a dealer for £5995. Blimey, it had a 1000 mile old engine, a total mileage of 116k, and it had everything possible to fit to a car! It was dark metallic red with cream leather. It was beautiful. I...
  7. AndymacA4

    Computer Speed-up programs

    If at all possible, re-install the operating system. Then, partition off you hard drive into at least 2 partitions. Install all core software in C: along with the oS. Then install all the rest into the D: partition. This keeps the software in better shape. Also, avoid stuff like symantec...