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    Cosmetic repair... I think not.

    I had these jokers when I got my RS3, I had a 2 inch kerb mark about 4 months after owning it. They really messed me around booking it in to the point where I went back to the dealer and left it there and took a loan car till they could be bothered to sort it which resulted in the dealer doing...
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    Preston Supercar Meet - April

    Bit of a poor turnout last week, plenty of people looking but no amazing cars although Chris from Blackburn Audi was there in their stunning sliver r8 v10+ with nearly every option ticked demo.
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    Preston Supercar Meet - April

    This on tomorrow for those interested. I'll be hanging round the rs3's in tears as I got rid of mine 3 weeks ago :(
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    What blue is this?

    I wouldn't be overly concerned buying an ex press car. The majority of people don't keep cars for longer than 3 years so will be under warranty. I know my rs3 has had a hard life but the dealing selling it won't be making a big deal of it.
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    No RS3 orders being taken

    Wait till you floor it and the butterflies become a brown mess on the seat...
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    No RS3 orders being taken

    Stable vehicle contracts have 6 in stock in a variety of specs. Have a look on their Facebook/instagram
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    Road tests

    Make you look at paying for it upfront vs. monthly. My insurance was £1,300 a year (price of being 23) but £6,750 ish if I paid monthly with the same company. However I do think £4000 is a bit steep. I'm 22 and without sounding big headed earn good money for my age however I was using the...
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    8v RS3 Spotters Thread

    Spotted @josedebardi on the M6 in Preston around 4ish
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    Preston Supercar Meet - April

    I was there in my nardo rs3. It's always a good turn out for a pub car park in Preston haha
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    8v RS3 Spotters Thread

    I spotted 6, 4 x 8v and 2 x 8p. Also saw you 'running' yours in through the tunnel @grimey121uk
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    It's Here

    Where abouts in Lancashire are you based @grimey121uk i saw a cat red rs3 on the a59 one morning this week
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    I've had an S3 for the day.

    Got mine back now and couldn't be happier! Yes the RS is expensive but I'm sick of s3 owners saying it's not worth the premium or you've wasted £10k, should of bought a s3 + dtuk box + miltek. In all honestly I couldn't really tell the difference between the sound of a 1.8tfsi and the 2.0 except...
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    I've had an S3 for the day.

    My RS3 has been back to the dealers with noisy rear suspension and as the title suggests I've been given an S3 saloon with pretty much every option except pan roof and led lights. On the configurator it comes out to be around £41,500 rrp. The RS3 takes a right bashing by current S3 owners so I...
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    Exhaust sound, coming only from left.

    Yes annoyingly if you park up in dynamic then start it up and drive off again it will still have the dynamic sound but with no pops. What most owners do is change the * button on the steering wheel so it's easier to cycle through
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    controlling exhaust valves

    Do you have a picture? I've had a look around and can't see it
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    Who Got a Demo Car to Test?

    I'm 23 and had some initial trouble but after they realised I was serious they were fine. Afterall they want sales and a young persons money is the same as an older persons money.
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    RS3 PCP Deals

    Also your dealer will be hounding you after 2 years or so to trade in for a new one as soon as you have some equity in the car.
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    RS3 PCP Deals

    It's amazing what dealers can do at the end of the month/quarter with only a few days to go. Mines 43k ish. £0 down £598 a month 48 months 8k. I was a renewing customer so got a good trade in too on a 14 month old a3 s-line as @Pulp84 said
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    RS3 soundtrack, dynamic, Male v Female opinions.....

    My girlfriend hates the pops and bangs! I normally get a text off my mum before I go round asking to "turn the exhaust off"
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    RS3 latest discounts

    I did pretty well with a cancelled order at Bolton Audi, I've had nothing but issues dealing with Preston/Blackburn Audi. Also, GC Motors in Harrogate have 3/4 in at the moment all at good prices.