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  1. staggspeed

    breaking audi a4 1.8 turbo sport

    hi, how much for the n75 h?
  2. staggspeed

    Black leather rear bench

    320589475981 on e -bay
  3. staggspeed

    Coolant temp sensor & air con ?

    If you had gone to a specialist in the 1st place like andymac has said you would not be having to ask this question because a specialist would have found any fault,leave kwikfit to fitting tyres and exhausts.
  4. staggspeed

    ECU and what else

    Oranoco,would i be right in thinking that your line of reasoning would be that an ajl superchip would give more power than a dedicated aeb chip,very interesting line of thought and I would love to know if this would work and how more power and torque could be expected. I dare say this has been...
  5. staggspeed

    Performance exhaust for b5 1.8t avant

    Just had a decat back stainless system made and fitted at Topgears longlife headquarters in Bridport,only 2 1/2" right through because i have no plans for a larger turbo,(yet).I can only say I am very impressed with there workmanship,they used all the original exhaust mounting points, took just...
  6. staggspeed

    headlight wiring question

    Right think its sorted,wont know yet though because its chucking it down with rain.there are 2 black/yellows because one is for headlight and one is for adj motor,and the white green is for foglight, all other wires correspond.
  7. staggspeed

    headlight wiring question

    thanks aragon but the originals were the single h4 bulb type,now going to delve into the wiring diagrams for the original lights,will let you know what i come up with,but still welcome any other advice.
  8. staggspeed

    headlight wiring question

    have not wired them yet,was trying to check before hand,thanks.
  9. staggspeed

    headlight wiring question

    I have done all the usual searches and cannot find the answer to this: On fitting facelift lights into a prefacelift using the plugs and tails from the facelift donor car sure enough all the colour codings match up,now with the pre facelift plugs cut of i am left with (after all the other wires...
  10. staggspeed

    ronal boleros

    hi guys,can anybody tell me what audi models had ronal boleros as standard fitment.
  11. staggspeed

    control arms

    What happened with your exhaust today gareth?
  12. staggspeed

    Would this work

    The best thing to do is look for one breaking on e bay,or your local scrappy that way you can ask for the plugs and tails to be included,but you have to be very quick because they sell like hotcakes,the guy I bought my lights from in Barry said he could have sold them 20 times over,paid £65...
  13. staggspeed

    torqueflow exhausts birmingham.

    Any of you guys had an exhaust made by torqueflow? Have been doing the rounds getting quotes for a stainless exhaust, and from there website there work looks good,but would like to know if anybody on here could personally recommended them.
  14. staggspeed

    Would this work

    Just bought a pair of facelift lights myself Gareth from a guy in Barry,you will need the plugs and 6" or so of tails from a facelift car,and be prepared to shave a bit of metal from the wings where your old indicators fitted, have a look at this link to give you a rough idea of whats...
  15. staggspeed

    Cheap upgrades

    I have to go along with that Mark,got my forge for £25 of a mate otherwise I would have gone down the 710n route,but the forge is nice and shiny,lol.
  16. staggspeed

    Cheap upgrades,link to e-bay gareth,£76.50.
  17. staggspeed

    Cheap upgrades

    yes gareth,straight swap for your old one,its a cause of searching around for the forge valve,have seen them as cheap as £70, and as dear as £100,as for longlife it seems that the pricing between branches is consistant then.
  18. staggspeed

    Cheap upgrades

    jcb is spot on,007p forge,hasnt given me any trouble.
  19. staggspeed

    Cheap upgrades

    Tazz,i have the same car as you and have just had a quote from longlife at bridport,they are quoting £400,how does that compare with Cardiff longlife? if you dont mind me asking.
  20. staggspeed

    Might jump ship...

    Well said Lee, I suppose you could own both a fwd and a quattro,but there again it might confuse your sexual preferences even further,lol.