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  1. mr gee

    Thinking of keep S3 long term

    My S3 is just over four years old. Apart from a haldex pump throwing a code (since changed) it has been trouble free. I had thought of changing car when it was 3 years old more as a habit but other than an RS3, cannot think of any other car than meet my requirements. So we are holding it for...
  2. mr gee

    MMI issues

    There may be an issue with the new Xs phones in that you may have to wake them up before it pairs with the lightning adaptor
  3. mr gee

    What's this beeb

    Do you have a dash cam?
  4. mr gee

    Horn Appreciation Society ?

    European two tone horns sound lots better than the pathetic single tones in Japanese cars. These are due to their 'polte' natyre when sounding off. Me, if I soung the horn, it's to warn of danger. I fitted a Stebel nautilus in my previous civic and that 140db paints a very clear signal when used...
  5. mr gee

    What’s the best car Audi have given you while yours has been in for service or repair?

    Missus got an SQ5 when she dropped the TT in for service and I managed an RS3 when I dropped my S3 in for service
  6. mr gee

    Steering noise

    Had mine fixed by dealer. Tighten/replaced subframe bolts and steering front mount.
  7. mr gee

    Sat Nav Zoom Function

    Back button
  8. mr gee

    Driven mad by buzz/rattle under load

    It could be the soundaktor rattling the front bulkhead I reduced the effect on mine by 50% using VCDS
  9. mr gee

    Head lights

    What I did with my cars was to park against the garage wall and mark where the headlight beams line up and raise them an inch or so. More on the curbside lamp and less on the main road side so as not to blind oncoming cars.
  10. mr gee

    Audi MMI DOES play FLAC

    FLAC file recognition is only limited to 16/24bit and 44khz. any higher and it's not recognised
  11. mr gee

    Steering noise

    I get a sharp click sound when I move the steering and change from going forward to reverse or vice versa. Dealer unable to reproduce nor identify the cause and as usual, we cannot reproduce that noise at the dealers.
  12. mr gee

    MagRide & VCDS

    Now if only Alex has a link with someone inMelbourne Australia
  13. mr gee

    VCDS Fault Code - MY14 Audi S3 Saloon

    Rob2K68 I found that by using VCDS to run the distribution flaps on a text cycle seems to unstick them.
  14. mr gee

    Facelift Music Album repeats

    FL and PFL don't quite speak the same language. Having a Mk3 TT, I noticed the same problem as you. There is a function in the VC that allows normal play
  15. mr gee

    COD Motorway speeds

    Read this on a Q2 road test. COD deactivates 2 cylinders at loads of up to 73.8 ft/lbs on a constant throttle between 2000 and 3200 rpm.
  16. mr gee

    is there a easy way to get album art on the sd card?

    You can add album art from within Windows. Just right click properties of the music file, click on id tag and theres a add album art at the bottom
  17. mr gee

    How often do you get to drive your car "hard"?

    You should look at Australia's speed cops this is Victoria
  18. mr gee

    MMI Screen removal

    Google is your friend
  19. mr gee

    Facelift Don't laugh...saloon boot question!

    Just a heads up. Boot cannot be opened if battery is flat. Left me stranded with my battery jumper cables in the boot
  20. mr gee

    Availability of 2017 maps in MyAudi?

    The maps on SD card are not key coded to an individual card as I have updated my friend's car before. so find someone friendly who could loan you his update