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    AdBlue Fill Up - Best (cleanest) Approach

    I’m pretty sure that the standard tank is 12L
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    AdBlue Fill Up - Best (cleanest) Approach

    +1 for the HGV pump. At my local station I have to be careful how hard I pull the leaver as it comes out with quite come pressure. my average from fill up to 1000 mile warning is 4500 miles.
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    190hp rear disks and pads

    Thank you. In the end I managed to get disks, pads and sensors for £136. Not a bad price considering they are Brembo’s.
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    Is it worth to have data sim if you have Audi Connect?

    It’s handy if you have kids and want to keep them occupied on long trips
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    190hp rear disks and pads

    Hi all , does anyone know if the rear disks on a 190 TDI Quattro saloon are 300 or 330mm? also do the rear pads have a wear sensor? thanks
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    Audi Service Plan

    I think the maintenance part covers things such as brake pads and disks. If you’re doing the mileage then it’s worth it for the £288 a year it’s going to cost you, especially with tyres included.
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    New MY2020 Facelift...

    Configurator is now live for the 2020 version.
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    Service time again

    I got a few places to quote and then argued the toss with them as they wouldn’t accept as they didn’t itemise part numbers. I think they gave me the price so I’d leave them alone!
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    Service time again

    In the end managed to get it for £340 and that’s the full service with air filter.
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    Service time again

    It’s a 190 TDI and no other works other then the oil and inspection. Your service package is an absolute steal!
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    Service time again

    Am I right in thinking the service is more expensive on the S4?
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    Service time again

    It’s more along the lines of the independents won’t itemise as they obviously don’t want to be used as a price match.
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    Service time again

    Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Audi are saying they require an itemised list including part numbers. I asked Audi for the part numbers required but was told they don’t provide that information. ‍
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    Service time again

    When I asked for a breakdown of the costs they wanted £93+vat for the oil!
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    Service time again

    It’s that time of year again where I need another service. I have been quoted £403 for a service and inspection. What sort of prices are people getting? I’m based in Wolverhampton if that helps. Cheers.
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    Anyone else got a window ledge dent?

    I have the same dent. I thought it was just me!
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    Vent Control Dial Not Illuminating

    If you’re feeling brave, have a look and see if the plug is in right.
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    Welcome to the forum mate.
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    Tyre choice(brands)

    Superb, let us know how you get on
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    Sat nav screen

    Depending on how bad it is you may be able to polish it out. You would remove the anti reflective coating though.