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  1. [Dave B]

    Dave B's S3 Diary

    So 6 months have passed, which probably means it's update time :) The car has been great, but with a growing family the time has come to part with the trusty S3. I say this with a heavy heart as the last 9 years of ownership have been really enjoyable, and the car has taken everything in it's...
  2. [Dave B]

    Dave B's S3 Diary

    Sooo, I managed to get these fitted at the weekend. Mocked up to check it all fits: ...and finally in place behind the wheel (please ignore the scabby wheel, it is in dire need of a refurb): I'm really happy with the pedal feel and stopping power, more than enough for fast road driving...
  3. [Dave B]

    Dave B's S3 Diary

    You certainly do, I just wasn't sure where it went on the hose/car. I rang up on Monday and got some info so all sorted now, it should all go on this weekend :happy:
  4. [Dave B]

    Dave B's S3 Diary

    Spoke to Badger5, it turns out the clip fits where the line meets the hard line and I need a rubber grommet for the shock mounting. Pics to follow shortly (much sooner than my last update lol)
  5. [Dave B]

    Dave B's S3 Diary

    That hard line pic is very useful, the hoses did come with a clip that looks like it does a similar job. As for the shock body attachment, I might need to work something up as there's nothing obvious on the line and the only clip that came with them are the ones I've mentioned regarding the hard...
  6. [Dave B]

    Dave B's S3 Diary

    Well, it's been a while since I updated this, but here we go.... So I still have the car and its run great since my last update. I've not had chance to do much as the little one has kept me very busy, however I have fit in a full service and managed to collect the parts to do the Brembo's. I...
  7. [Dave B]

    Back end wobble?!

    Check the rear trailing arm front bushes too.
  8. [Dave B]

    **Warning:S3dave's adjustable tie bars**

    Well this is quite worrying. I have the mild steel versions which have been on the car about 18 months, the cars in for it's MOT on Saturday morning so I'll have a good nosey whilst it's on the ramps. I might even change them anyway for peace of mind!
  9. [Dave B]

    Aircon radiator fan - noisy squealing bearing

    Interested to see how you get on with this as mine will want a new fan next year I reckon.
  10. [Dave B]

    What's your winter runners ?? Pics :)

    Mine is my winter runner. In summer I use this: :rockwoot:
  11. [Dave B]

    First post by newbie

    Lovely motor!
  12. [Dave B]

    People with 3" Downpipes - where were they fitted?

    I paid Pipewerx to fit my downpipe, sports cat and system, £200 and 2 hours later - done. No swearing or ******* about and no knocks or bangs afterwards.
  13. [Dave B]

    ShaunS3's EPIC Build Thread

    About time ;-)
  14. [Dave B]

    My S3 Thread

    It looks immense!
  15. [Dave B]

    Vex182 - S3 Modding and maintaining thread!

    Looks well that, just needs an aero rear wiper to finish the **** off :-)
  16. [Dave B]

    JoJo's S3 Obituary

    A sorry sight and a sad day. Glad you're well though and hope your mate's ok.
  17. [Dave B]

    Dave B's S3 Diary

    Karl, yours should be a proper weapon!
  18. [Dave B]

    Dave B's S3 Diary

    So the mapping's done. I dropped it off with Rick on Monday afternoon and by 4ish on Tuesday it was finished, graph below: The car feels much stronger everywhere now. Rick had some positive comments about the car which was nice to hear, it had zero problems (phew) and apparently it's one of...
  19. [Dave B]

    Andymac sub enclosure

    My bad, PM me if you're interested.
  20. [Dave B]

    Andymac sub enclosure

    It's a JL audio jobbie, I can get a pic and send it you if you want?