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    audi servicing

    morning all had my a4 2.0 tdi for 2 years now and the service light has come up. My cars done bang on annual 10k miles a year so now its 2 years old with 20k on the clock and due its first service. I've spoken to a few audi dealers and the information they're giving me is varying greatly...
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    remap Leicester

    yes mate i did look into it, but i was assured by a mate who used to work for vag and said that your warranty wont be void unless the dealership can prove that the fault was due to the remap, which is vey unlikely if the remap is done properly
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    remap Leicester

    yeh r tech were who i spoke to first but unfortunately they need the car for a whole day or maybe more
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    remap Leicester

    Afternoon all, Was wondering can anyone recommend a place to get my 2011 audi 2.0 tdi remapped in Leicester? I can't afford to be without my car for a day or two and can only really spare it for 2/3 hours max. Can anyone help?!
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    VAG codes, VCDS

    Hi there i'm still a complete newbie to all this. i have a 2011 a4 2.0 tdi black edition in white. Absolutely love it to bits first audi i've owned. I was hoping someone could help me out with some information regarding the VCDS? what is this? how does it work? I've seen some enhancements you...
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    Brilliant Red Dynamik Photographs

    that looks brilliant mate, where did u get the spoiler?
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    had a go with plastidip

    looks much better mate, massive improvement
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    Audi emblem change

    @enoliver no I didn't paint the existing one, I ordered a new black Audi emblem off eBay, there's loads of different colours if you feel creative and then just replaced the original emblem, simple but effective mod
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    Nice n clean

    that looks awesome mate, especially the rear spoiler. makes it look much more aggressive! :weight_lift2:
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    front rings emblem removal

    I managed to do it without taking the bumper or grill off. pop the bonnet open take the cover off above the grill and then gentley push the tabs down behind the badge on the inside. be careful to do one at a time as they break easily, work your way around from one side to the other and it pops...
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    Audi emblem change

    after taking on board the advice of you people, i've decided to go with the black rings at the front instead of white...must agree much better :sex:
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    front rings emblem removal

    Just wanted to know if anyone knew a way of getting the damn audi rings off the front grill without having to remove the grill?
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    Audi customer service

    seems its a bit hit and miss even within the same dealerships which is a shame. Innercry i had the same problem as you with the email contacts but they were pretty quick getting back in touch over the phone whenever a message was left with the receptionists. Bit of a shame they cant get...
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    black edition alloy wheel refurb

    Does anyone know who could refurbish black edition wheels in Leicester area?
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    Audi emblem change

    @baz I've never liked complete de badge at the back....bit too boy racerish? I'm trying to be mature these days :)
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    Audi emblem change

    I'm quite stuck! I've seen black rings on all black cars and it looks the business. I've got the black ones too so might leave these on for now and when wanting a change put the black ones on
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    Audi emblem change

    Afternoon all i just changed the front Audi rings to white, debadged the rear and changed rear Audi rings to black. i like the back a lot what does everyone else think about the front? I'm tempted to put black rings on the front
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    Removing front grille Audi rings

    Any luck with getting this out? Broken a few tabs but it wont budge!
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    Audi customer service

    Afternoon all Just wanted to say how impressed i was with Audi Leicester and the customer service i recieved from them. Only in for some small work for the washer jets not retracting and a fault with the auto-assist brake but the service and professionalism from the start to finish was...
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    retrofit folding mirrors

    Afternoon all i have electric mirrors but wanted to know what kind of cost i should expect to get folding wing mirrors fitted? any ideas would be helpful cheers in advance