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    MyAudi App can no longer contact Car

    I have a 2019 Q8 and a 2019 S5 that was successfully working with the iPhone myaudi app and the myaudi website. As of a week ago I can no longer contact the Q8. The S5 works fine. I am logged on as the primary user on both cars and the app. All other features of of audi connect works fine in...
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    Nav Page Display Change - 2019 Q8

    This is not a big deal but curious to as of why? When map page is in 3D view and you go under a overpass that is say 200 meters or longer the map orientation tilts from a 3D view to a directly overhead view and then back again once you are no longer under the overpass.
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    Q8 Nav page and Car Play

    I just went out and restarted my phone and all seems well now. Must have been a glitch with the phone. Shutting off car play alone or shutting the car off did not fix it. Thanks.
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    Q8 Nav page and Car Play

    Posting here as well as the Q8 section to get more traffic. System is likely similar to all new models. Had the Q8 for a week and thought I had everything figured out. If i have my iPhone hooked up not using Car Play than I get the map on the large display screen in the centre of the car and...