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  1. MattS5

    For Sale ECS Tuning Intake pipe and ITG filter for 3.0T

    Did this give much more intake whine over standard? Thanks Matt
  2. MattS5

    How do you get your bike in your car ??

    I towed a caravan (only a couple of times a year) with my S5 and never bothered with anything like that, albeit I did try and keep the noseweight to 85KG as per the maual and towbar recomendations
  3. MattS5

    How do you get your bike in your car ??

    Rubber donuts? (I’m unfamiliar with those)
  4. MattS5

    Too expensive in Covid market???

    How many months ago was this please?
  5. MattS5

    High mileage RS3 Query

    I've been looking at 2017/18 model RS3 saloons (between £35-£38k) this last couple of months, the prices at dealers do not seem to have changed much at all. I appreciate they haven't possibly been at wotk to update prices, but would like to know what sort of wiggle room there is in prices...
  6. MattS5

    B8 S4 project thread

    Apologies, I didnt see that in the thread. I just read you'd ordered a wing and wasnt sure it was the right one for the car, you mentioned would have been easier staying at B8 in post 10, which suggested to me you were ordering an 8.5 wing. However, I've completely mis-read the situation, sorry...
  7. MattS5

    B8 S4 project thread

    Are you sure its a B8.5? (I thought one of the identifying features is that the 8.5 have rectangular fog lights, not oval)
  8. MattS5

    2018 RS3 Servicing

    Not sure, I know Gary thru a couple of mutual freinds (Stu Staples and Logan Black) and he remapped my S5 last April. I'm only browsing this section of the forum as I have massive itch for an RS3 started around 2 years ago, but I held off and bought another S5....but it's...
  9. MattS5

    2018 RS3 Servicing

    Gary @ APT by any chance?
  10. MattS5

    Audi A4 B8 Steering Wheel Upgrade :)

    Royal steering wheels refinished mine for me a couple of months ago. Would recommend them highly.
  11. MattS5

    Wanted 2014-2016 B8.5 S5 Sportback w/sports differential

    Any idea what model year etc you're after? (might just helop people who are contemplating selling)
  12. MattS5

    For Sale 2010 B8 S4 Stage 1 APR

    Dropped you a private message. Thanks Matt
  13. MattS5

    Hi. If you're looking to sell the BCS back boxes seperatly, please let me know. Thanks, Matt...

    Hi. If you're looking to sell the BCS back boxes seperatly, please let me know. Thanks, Matt Good luck with your sale,
  14. MattS5

    Android auto

    Now that seems like it could be a better option for me, for the small inrease in convenience. Any links to a product which will work for the 3G high unit please? (I'd prefer to buy from a recomendation of someone who actually has got one which is working) Thanks Matt
  15. MattS5

    Android auto

    I think I'm being a bit of a div here, having only ever used Android Auto in cars suitablly equipped, I tried it in my 2016 plate S5 last night, and it would seem I can get the same fucntioinality, but using my phone, and the Bluetooth streaming functionality into the MMI 3G high taking care of...
  16. MattS5

    Android auto

    Did you fit that yourself? (looks reasonably straightforward). albeit not sure where the mic would go as I already have one in there for the MMI high system. Also, any issue with the touch screen layover, does it affect the standard screen resolution/image much when using say the radio only?
  17. MattS5

    What did you do to your audi today

    “ Job done. Matches nicely with the door card inserts too.
  18. MattS5

    What did you do to your audi today

    DGS gearbox oil changed yesterday, as well as aircon serviced. Tomorrow is a retrimmed steering wheel from Royal Steering wheels!
  19. MattS5

    B8.5 Rusty Wings

    Had a very simialr instance on a MK5 GTi my wife owned around 7 years ago. VW replaced both wings under warranty and painted them FOC. It was a know issue with the wheel arch liner rubbing, so VAG do have history with this type of problem. I spoke directly with VW customer service at the time in...
  20. MattS5

    High beam assist retrofit

    :) Thats tricky to say when I'd need to be the driver of the oncoming car, to confirm I was dazzling them. Albeit when people coming the other way occasioanly feel the need to flash their lights at me, I'd assume the delay isnt acceptable to some.