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    A4 1.9 TDI AVF jerky when cold(er)

    Bit of a long shot, does it start up fine when cold? just thinking possibly air bubble in the fuel lines so not so much a case of warming up but purging out the air and it then running fine? Like i say.. a long shot, but just something that came to mind. I'm not sure what these cars do...
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    Audi S3 sportback steering wheel creak

    can you tell if the creak is coming from the steering wheel area itself or more under the bonnet? Only thinking, my old mk4 golf had a bit of creaking when steering & my b6 does now.. it seems to be the clock spring (whatever it's called) which is behind the steering wheel.. just a thought
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    Passenger side front window stopped working

    That part you linked to is the window regulator. I've changed many of those on my b6 a4! When those fail you will still have power to the window & the glass usually attempts to go up or down only to then get all messed up, so if you've got no power to the motor then that part isn't what you...
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    temperature gauge and coolant loss

    Best get the coolant leak sorted first, maybe that is introducing air into the system causing your issue?
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    Under Heating Issue - Advice / Views ?

    maybe temp sensor rather than thermostat? or airlock? Be interesting to see what temperature reading you get when connected to vcds or similar? My 2011 tdi is a bit slow to 90 & then does tend to drop down a bit, but from what i gather it's not a cheap swap out like the older pd engines! & the...
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    Rear wiper wont stop

    No idea sorry, but will keep an eye on this one as my Mrs A3 has an intermittent odd rear wiper that decides to seemingly activate on it's own & has dropped down the boot glass a bit.
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    Can anyone ID this engine noise?

    Yeah after that second video you posted the DMF option was probably out. At least you have 2 diagnosis that are the same so can be pretty confident that the money you're spending will actually solve the issue. Shame you have to spend out on something like this, and I guess with second hand cars...
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    Can anyone ID this engine noise?

    go on to eurocarparts & put your reg in & see if they list a dual mass flywheel on there, might give you an idea. I always thought it was more the diesels that had DMFs but I have a 2005 Petrol Mini Cooper S & that had one too.. so could be petrol cars as well now
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    Can anyone ID this engine noise?

    I'm no mechanic, but metal particles in the oil is a bad sign! I'd get a second opinion myself as (i might be wrong) but would the gearbox make that noise when idling/stationary? After listening to the video again, does the noise stay consistent with the revs? (can't quite make it out) Is the...
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    Can anyone ID this engine noise?

    Does your car have a Dual Mass Flywheel? If so, it could be that. I had a mini that sounded similar when idling (but worse) and the noise went when pressing the clutch pedal. Also listen when turning the engine off, do you get any clatter then? only asking that as i also had a mk4 golf tdi...
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    Please help me work this out.

    Sorry to say the usual, but the first place to start would be scanning it for any error codes. Doesn't sound like a timing belt issue (but i'm no mechanic), more like a sensor playing up maybe?
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    Fuel filter change (self prime )

    My A3 is just about due it's yearly service, I tend to do an oil & filter one year & all filters plus oil every other. Last time, I did bottle it & changed oil, pollen, air myself but actually paid a garage just to swap the fuel filter as I was concerned about the Priming of the filter housing...
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    Audi A4 1.9 tdi B6

    Did you get this sorted? That brass pipe you refer too, is that the one going to the EGR? if so maybe the EGR is causing you the issue? I'm impressed you've done a turbo having never done anything mechanical :) my turbo has been sticking on & off for years now & i'm too scared to attempt a...
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    B6 1.9 tdi : Braking issue

    When you're stopped (not sure if engine needs to be on or not.. try both) Press the brake pedal hard & hold it for a while. See if the pedal slowly drops to the floor. I had an issue with a mk4 golf, where normal braking seemed fine around town, but trying an emergency stop wasn't.. it wouldn't...
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    Help - Water leak into drivers footwell, but it's NOT the plenum plugs

    Hope you've sorted the issue, Funnily enough, i came on here to have a look at possible leaky spots on the B6 as i've noticed damp/wet carpet in mine last week. Mine is the passenger front & back footwell.. so instantly thought it has to be the plenum drain under the battery.. had a look & it's...
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    Strange noise when releasing accelerator??

    I'm several years on & it still does it! probably worse now than back when i initially posted this. As for the source, I'm pretty certain it's the turbo, I get limp mode a bit too often now a days (but the car doesn't get used much these days) So, I suspect the vanes are sticking/clogged so...
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    Removal of Emissions recall Software

    Has anyone gone down this route? Only asking as I've had my 2011 2.0tdi a3 for a couple of years now & it had the recall applied prior to my ownership. It also had a new EGR a while after (2019 i think) I don't drive the car much (mrs uses it) but when I do, it just doesn't feel 'right' but...
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    Renewing plastics in interior

    I've seen stickers for the buttons to make them look 'better' if that what you're after. As for smartening up the actual plastics.. i doubt you'd manage that with a paint? but happy to be proved wrong
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    DIS Bulb Warning

    Thought it must be just something like that, will do as you suggest. Must get some of that electrical contact cleaner, the right hand rear light had a bit of moisture in it
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    DIS Bulb Warning

    I've currently got 2 Bulb warnings that are a bit intermittent. One is the rear right brake light, which looks like a bit of corrosion. But the other is the Rear LEFT fog light bulb?... there isn't a rear left bulb. When the warning is lit the rear RIGHT fog bulb (bottom one in the holder) isn't...